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Monitor Archive for February 9, 1982

The grateful harvest
How pumping mud deep underground helps farmer join the energy business
Black S. African unions mark white's jail death
Rickover vs. nuclear arms and corporate power
Mubarak and the road to peace
Costa Rican victor calls for action
Conservative Arab lands favoring Iraq in Gulf war
New England Impressionism abroad
W. German envoy safe after gun attack in Iran
Britain's Social Democrats: what goes up . . . ?
Senate vs. courts: an epic battle starts
Quiet Czech tennis star in hot pursuit of No. 1
Poland lays plans to lift food output, ease debt
A daydream
Sales outlook gains for jumbo-screen projection TVs
Paper admits it patched 'interview' with Reagan
Salvadoran guerrillas bomb buses in capital
Plummer's bristling Iago - key to Broadway's new 'Othello'; James Earl Jones powerfully moving in title role of Shakespeare's tragedy; Othello Trage...
The coaching inns of southeast England
Can computers take the paper out of 'newspaper'?
To my Grandfather who Lived to be 94
Americans remain loyal to timeless Windsor chairs; Both antique and new forms of this light, elegant style have a popular appeal
Rent-a-judge: a fast way to 'day in court'
Madrid meeting on human rights icy over Poland
Why China's Deng yields 'first line' duty
Moderate Arabs warm to Mubarak
Nissan readies for rocket blast-off
French claim US dollar is 'ruling world'
Deficits can be cut
When sleep won't come
Reagan OKs push on social issues
More cotton being produced and bought
Mr. President, be kind to PATCO
Expanding arms shipments: a dangerous policy
Ford, UAW seek an extraordinary agreement
Feared 'Pink Panthers' prowl the battle-scarred streets of Beirut
Top anti-Khomeini leader is killed in a shoot-out
Special clubs flourish for doll connoisseurs
The many masks of modern art
Eritrea; Feuds sap rebels' strength; AFRICA'S LONGEST WAR SPUTTERING
Company tax-credit 'sales' may be budget-cut victim
Late-hour rescue attempt for Laker line turned back
Kampuchean ballet in US
Metric defenders oppose cut