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Monitor Archive for February 26, 1982

Protecting world resources: is time running out?

Reagan's housing panel raises storm of protest
Britain's hard-leftists mount new attacks against Labour moderates
Israeli troops seal towns in Golan protest area
Inside inklings of future Brezhnevs

Americans edge back toward big cars - as Detroit gasps
Third-world bootstraps
Options in financing home projects

When Mr. Conservative is too liberal
Kenyan President shuffles Cabinet to boost his hold
Haughey gains clear track to return as Irish premier
Very touchable velvet plant actually 'begs' for water

Gap between rich and poor: not so wide after all?
Israeli Labor Party rejects Begin call for a coalition
Vietnam to US: 'don't use MIAs as club'
Indonesia's offshore claim recognized by Malaysia
The result of rattling sabers in Central America
Rumors Stockman will go denied by White House
Paring Uncle Sam's biggest cost
Here's a range of remodeling projects for the do-it-yourselfer to tackle
In the midst of winter for Lech Walesa
New cache of arms found near Zimbabwe air base
How to fix up the house outside to make it more inviting
US aid to Salvador hinges on human rights record
Landmark documentary captures world of Carl Sandburg
Getting off drugs
A backyard deck can make home a 'vacation lodge'

Good news on inflation, but more gloom on the deficit
It's a cinch to know your onions
Developing nations split on Reagan terms for aid
Arms sales to Taiwan take bloom off US-Sino relations
Keep moldings simple
Getting outside air to furnace helps prevent condensation
Look twice at repair contracts
One source for a book

For remodeling, this year may be easiest on your pocketbook
The legacy
Southwest vs. Dow Jones
Top female miler awaits stiff foreign challenge
Time study sleuths slip from shop floor to offices
US takes stock of Mexican plan for Central America
Strategy and the defense budget
A record-breaking evening
Alleged plot in S. Korea points to third suspect
Good tools help do a good job
Basic bathroom remodeling - an important way to improve your home
Fatal skywalks flimsy, report says
This Old House
Tar-sands troubles

Gunmen attempt to kill Iranian chief of police
Syrian Navy base reported seized by rebel troops
Inspired prayer for the world
Semiconductor export boom
GOP fortunes shift as US economy sags