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Monitor Archive for February 25, 1982

'New federalism' favored by majority, Gallup says
More states adopt '911' idea; Emergency number catching on
Printing materials plucked from aid parcels for Poles
The World may have rushed in, but Holliday took his time
The Writer on Image Street
Almond harvest sets a record
Dominicans: 'US has responsibility to us'
Texan puts gasoline price at 99 cents, and lines are long
Cocaine users, in a test, faked out by salt solution
South African right-wingers desert prime minister
What's behind the fighting in El Salvador
Changing attitudes; Widows rely less on others to take charge of decisions
Canadians intent on selling big A-reactor to Mexico
Can diplomatic efforts defuse Lebanon's Mideast powder keg?
'Hard times' evolving into No. 1 issue?; Democrats expect to benefit; Reagan aides shift strategy
France, Germany discuss economic unity, US signal
US official charges Watt entertained with US funds
Upward mobility
An armload of ideas I'd forgotten I had
Centering on the Caribbean
'Cosi' returns to Met with capable singing, handsome sets, but some flaws
Nigeria delays natural-gas export plans; Decision may give Cameroon edge to become first West African exporter of gas
Scottish plums
Troops in Uganda arrest students after rebel raid
Will Ford pact set pattern? Not likely, say unionists
On him it looks good
Caribbean plan: boosting a region's economy; Reagan program would help private sector; some doubts raised
Simple and classic: bread & butter pudding
Soviets open to banning A-output
Keep spice rack well-stocked with herbs

Quebec aide who quit admits shoplifting
The key to openness
Soviet ban raises biological war issues; Europe asks: Why did KGB prevent exit by geneticist?

New crop of mature films revives political themes
Governors take 'new federalism' gripes to Congress
France and Germany cozy up, but why is anybody's guess
Olympic postscript: US hockey heroes two years later
4,000 executions in Iran reported by rights group
Disbelief and the February thaw
The march to Montgomery, 1982
Oil industry giants find oversupply is underwhelming

Saga of Fuller St.
Poland's Communist Party gets its marching orders: get back in lead
Cornish hens are a good choice when cooking for two
The new cry for civil rights
Greenland pours freezing water on EC membership
Court denying addresses in local census challenges
Selling (out) to the Soviets
The next Kremlin generation: crisis managers taking over?