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Monitor Archive for February 22, 1982

Regional brokerages do well with companies close by
World War II orphans still seeking families, roots
Popcorn Ideas
Scrub Brush and Pen
Levels for living
Israeli Cabinet approves spending cuts in budget
New Colorado town tries to avoid traditional 'company town' image
The butterflies of San Bruno
This time, is The Times of London about to close for the last time?
A championship team finds the going tough
Can Portugal reconcile military, democracy?
Color poems; Gray
US pumps fresh air into Palestinian autonomy talks to keep Camp David peace plan afloat
'Dining Room' serves up delightful fare; The Dining Room Comedy by A.R. Gurney Jr. Directed by David Trainer.
Morning Report
Poles gaining in coal output, but economy is mainly bleak
Turning America into a nation of savers
The troika plus one
Heading south for spring: tips to keep children content on long trips
West German party backs US missiles in Europe
Africans learn pitfalls of peacekeeping -- the hard way
Saudis deny reports of oil output cuts while Britain weighs price cuts to ease glut
Saudis deny reports of oil output cuts. . .
Economy: don't prepare for yesterday's war
Greece's Papandreou to visit Cyprus soon
US delegation en route to Hanoi for MIA talks
France may discuss fixing bombed Iraqi reactor
Unscrambling the Joint Chiefs
Chamber of Commerce challenges Reagan on Soviet pipeline
Missing Polish director reappears in Paris
Sihanouk, Khmer Rouge merge to 'free Cambodia'
Have hard-liners lost ground to moderates in Poland?
Color poems; White . . .
Reagan to stall or time on budget debate
Kemp defends the budget; others in GOP back off a bit
Students, parents augment new belt-tightening budgets
Battle over El Salvador escalates in Washington
Irish indecision frustrates Britain
Color poems; Green
Popcorn is . . .
Ki$$ the pig
Notice to winter residents
Why be jealous?
What ERA has done for me
Atlantic publisher Gray fired in policy dispute
Jaruzelski to visit Moscow
Dubos warned the world of pollution hazards
Haughey-FitzGerald election standoff unsettles Ireland
How cuts in social security may hit high school pupils
Soviet Insiders: how power flows in Moscow
Alfred Brendel: a pianist dedicated to his music
Color poems; Yellow
Economy: as it is -- not was
Why adults have to pay taxes
Help is on its way to lead academics out of the academy