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Monitor Archive for February 17, 1982

A wild start in commodities pits
Bangladesh's shaky government faces food shortage
When Ford and the workers get together
Will Sir Freddie Laker fly again on 'Tiny's' wings?
Concessions by unions: trend or stopgap?
Historic auto pact puts focus on quality
Polish regime expected to spell out revised union role
Claudio Abbado's Mahler
A spark of grace
Exercise prudence, take long view in entering real estate partnership
A lesson from pineapples
Middle East muddle
Who should change their wills?
OPEC chief calls for cuts in output, not in prices
Mazda refines its '82 cars
Barenboim's Beethoven
Kenya's Asians fear renewed persecution
Scholarly research hurt by budget cuts, fewer students
Reagan's old radio station in path of Cuba radio war
The Fed will bring US money supply to heel
Mubarak builds power base on favorable public opinion ...and vows to put muzzle on Egypt's corrupt 'fat cats'
Bland productions are taking over today's opera
Sierra Club endorsement raps Reagan on ecology
Nkomo companies face liquidation in Zimbabwe
Businessman sees new moderation in national debate on environment
Europe's $36 million 'Berlin Airlift' to Poland
British universities get crash course in Margaret Thatcher budget-cutting
Two top Arab hard-liners plan meeting on Golan
Small firms getting key advice from 'shadow' directors
What keeps some frogs warm in freezing temperatures? Antifreeze
Opposition party gains in Irish election drive
The Kremlin after Suslov
Soviet freighter sinks in storm off Canada
Tass asks Pentecostalists to seek exit via channels
Marcos's kidnapped son-in-law still casts shadow -- even after release
Encounter at dusk: deep in a forest
Chipping away at civil rights
Illegal aliens: should US put out welcome mat?
Reagan tries to ease mounting US-Israel tensions
Tower: US feels Turkey is on track for democracy
Bush answers AFL-CIO on its economic plan
For the diffident Swiss soldier -- help is at hand
Harvesting your woodlot
Impressive primitive-art display in Met Museum's stunning new wing
City's civil defense plan stirs local debate on arms control
One among the few sportsmen
The good news
Tapping US wilderness up for committee debate
Senate TV debate plays to yawns
Guatemalan leftists push drive to disrupt elections
How to get a job and what to do when you get it
Mubarak builds power base on favorable public opinion
Hollywood's reigning royalty -- the focus of new biographies; Sir Larry: The Life of Laurence Olivier, by Thomas Kiernan. New York: Times Books. 302...
Fashion designers make a pitch for petite sizes
Space platforms: multi-use facilities for a cost-paring age
Senator Williams gets 3 years, $50,000 fine