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Monitor Archive for February 12, 1982

Iranian throngs celebrate anniversary of overthrow
Has commerce bypassed culture?; Books: The Culture and Commerce of Publishing, by Lewis A. Coser, Charles Kadushin, Walter W. Powell. New York: Basi...
China warns corrupt, inept officials of possible purge
'Bloated' government: '83 budget won't reduce it much
Pick of the paperbacks; The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in the 1980s, by Marilyn Ferguson. Los Angeles: J. P. Tarcher In...
Don't distort Iran's history -- a former hostage's view
Great Decisions '82; Central America: fire in the 'front yard'?
Syria's Assad tries to keep tight lid on Hama rebellion
Off the grapevine:
Farmers feel budget's pinch, but many agree with Reagan goals

Toyota says it will set up a US factory in mid-'80s
US stand on Salvador: 'calculated ambiguity' . . . or evidence of Washington's indecision?
For better looks of draft, chimney pots hard to find
Our guide to 1982 tax guides
Guatemala guerrillas unite just before crucial election
For mildewed house paint, try this remedy first

A US history emphasizing people, places; The Vineyard of Liberty, by James MacGregor Burns. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 703 pp. $22.95.
A high-stakes contest between US electronic-chip-machine makers

Haig urges Lisbon to lead drive on Polish crackdown
How to make a million
'Love Tapes' on PBS

Who says you can't transplant a carrot patch?

African peacekeepers threaten Chad pullout
Pick of the paperbacks; The Money Masters, by John Train. New York: Penguin Books. 320 pp. $4.95.

Whatever happened to Mr. Roebuck?
Viet military plane crashes in Thailand
Congress chases after alternatives to Reagan budget
Muggeridge: out of the cocoon; Like it Was: The Diaries of Malcolm Muggeridge, selected and edited by John Bright-Holmes. New York: William Morrow &...
From Alsop, a new slant on FDR controversies; FDR: A Centenary Remembrance, by Joseph Alsop. New York: The Viking Press. 256 pp. $25.
Snoods over the range

Coaxing owner, tenant to save fuel
The prophets of boom and zoom How To Cash in on the Coming Stock Market Boom, by Myron Kandel. New York: Bobbs-Merrill Co. 191 pp. $12.95. How To Pr...
Pick of the paperbacks; The Third Wave, by Alvin Toffler. New York: Bantam Books. 537 pp. $3.95.
Thyme in your herb garden adds a subtle seasoning in your kitchen
US drops interim MX missele plan
Shopping for a used car? Don't just kick the tires!
Cleaning marble takes a knowledgeable touch
Look who's financing the third world; The Money Lenders: Bankers and a World in Turmoil, by Anthony Sampson. New York: The Viking Press. 336 pp. $16...
A one-pound coin -- that's $1.85 -- coming in Britain
Acid-rain protesters end their smokestack-sitting
Breakthrough is hinted on Pentecostalist refuge
El Salvador: still time to negotiate
Ulster pins its hopes on FitzGerald winning Irish poll
Pick of the paperbacks; The Nazi/Shokie Conflict: A Civil Liberties Battle, by David Hamlin. Boston: Beacon Press. 184 pp. $6.25.
Taking the squeaks out of old hardwood floors
From Ehrlichman, a skewed look at power in Washington; Witness to Power, by John D. Ehrlichman. New York: Simon & Schuster. 432 pp. $17 .50.
Boston judge works hard to keep kids from going bad
Johnny Miller's golf game more mental than physical
OPEC may seek price talk with big oil companies
'The Wall' finally comes to TV
Where to cut
'Reds' in the lead for Oscar laurels
Johnny Carson finds he can go home again

The voice of Reaganomics
US income gap growing, say political scientists