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Monitor Archive for February 11, 1982

Down Memory Lane with Bobby Layne
'The Gershwin Concerto'
Pentecostalist dissident to go to Siberian home

Kugelhopf: a raisin and almond cake from Alsace
Kampuchean schools reopen with message to support new regime
South African poet seeks asylum
China: can a communist system reform itself?
Jordan's call for volunteers to fight Iran misfires
You spell it s-t-e-g-o-s-a-u-r-u-s and Colorado's children love it
Jordan asks US for a clear Arab-Israeli policy -- not favors
Scalloped potatoes with Gruyere cheese
Peter Martins captures the essence of old-time comic ballets
E. Timor may face food shortage
US rejects Soviet proposal for missile cut in Europe
UN 'rights' director resigns over policy
Taiwan builds a base for high-technology industry
Watt expects a ruling of contempt on papers
An orbit of faces
An unbending Chinese artist: Zeng Shanqing is free again

Iran: three years later . . .; Khomeini hangs on to power
White House, Congress trade shots over '83 budget
Author Gail Sheehy; Chronicler of those who found their way
Superstars' a misnomer?
Britain to launch power-sharing plan for Ulster
Two vintage New York hotels regain past splendor
US gives $150 million in aid for Portugal
What's in a name, anyhow?
Cardinal Cody plans to resign
White House, Congress trade shots over '83 budget
Fighting the metaphor of war
The myth
Lumbermen in West see slight upturn
Viva, Costa Rica
Heavy fighting in a Syrian town
Want a mini-Disneyland in your lobby to draw business?
The churches of Romney Marsh; They've weathered all but the weather
Soviets ask Japanese for funds for pipeline

The oil glut that won't go away
Boston TV station could soon go dark
'Trade war' talk rumbles in US over Japan imports
El Salvador to try soldiers for killing US missionaries
World of Ice
New French liberation frees 600,000 cheeses
Pakistan expels American after Soviet biowar claim
Heavy water use creates big hollow beneath Peking
Afghanistan's unsung riches
Sharper, more colorful TV ahead -- at a 'high' price
IRCAM in Paris; Where composers go to play with sound
Hope Ryden; Tracking wildlife with a lens
Sticking with Helsinki
Whimsical, fashionable, and delicious chocolates
So-so Knicks aren't listening to their coach's sermons on defense
Sun and grass for domes? Reminiscing with QB Layne
Draft registration debate brings new call for alternative national service
Why black unionists protest death of white S. African
Mexicans, Americans keep the border humming with trade, tourism
Choose tangerines for a fresh winter fruit
Inflation, jobs, and politics
Talk with producer Don Gregory; Hollywood and Broadway -- a link that's growing
Holzman is high on Larry Bird, man to watch with the Celtics
Congress aims to cut defense -- but where?
A blessing
Creationism or evolution?