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Monitor Archive for February 10, 1982

New economics czar in Argentina seeks to ease giddy inflation
How to check out ski-area nurseries
Democrats' goal: slow Reagan a bit; '83 budget: will its assumptions hold?
S. African blacks put Namibia first
'Particular Passions': women who've made a mark doing work they love; Particular Passions: Talks With Women Who Have Shaped Our Times, by Lynn Gilbe...
Fine Edward Meneeley show
Avoid a constitutional crisis
A money-back benefit for some Floridians who scrimp on energy
After Sinai evacuation--what?
Selling ads on sample ballots: revenue-raiser or hucksterism?
San Diego's Horton Grand Hotel -- from warehouse to restoration
Songs to wide for sound: William Stafford
Today's talent needs support--and the right schooling
US calling for a ban on chemical weapons
British Airways flights grounded by a strike
Syria urges boycott of US over its sanctions vote
Bolshoi Ballet; Why there's discontent
Cost of flying across U.S drops again in fare war
Idylls and hardships of country life; Second Cutting: Letters from the Country, by Richard M. Ketchum. New York: The Viking Press. 192 pp. $13.95.
Romania takes its turn and hikes food prices
The hidden strategy of the New Right
Real estate partnerships: higher-risk, higher-reward investments
Hymns that heal
High court test: churches' right to say no to nearby liquor sales
Firecrackers, 'Carmen,' and the rehabilitation of golf
Why East-West trade?
Tax exemption case divides church experts
How to heat, cool the house--and not lose your shirt
Poland rethinking unions' strike rights
Marco's son-in-law freed from rebels in Philippines
Drought-resistant plants: the case of the hairy soybean
Federal thirst for more credit: just how 'temporary'?
Designers' tips to make the most of small rooms
Will Israelis swallow closer US-Saudi links?
Reagan touts '83 budget in swing though Midwest
Nixon loses on release of tapes
Valenzuela just keeps pitching ball
Going to bat for the little guys of US business
The German peace movement: an American student's view
Sun-weather: a new kind of connection
Argentina's junta tells nation: 'at ease'
Indonesia weighs a slash in Soviet embassy staff
Israel takes credit for 1950s spy coup
How a teacher in Japan rates his job: robot
How unique is a slim elephant with huge feet?
Court ruling may unplug small power plants
Atari zapping up profits with home video games
200,000 may be hit by Chinese purge
Democrats' goal: slow Reagan a bit
McPhee and company in two new books; Alaska: Images of the Country, photographs by Galen Rowell, text by John McPhee (from ''Coming Into the Country...
West spurs Polish debate in conference at Madrid
Four Younger Artists
Spain, Portugal cling to democracy