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Monitor Archive for December 29, 1982

2 million acres to be cut from wilderness study
Escargots baked in mushroom caps
My chapter in Poland's sad book
What firms themselves can do
Doolittle war novel strikes hard; The Bombing Officer, by Jerome Doolittle. New York: E.P. Dutton. 225 pp. $12.95 .
USS New Jersey: Dusting off an antique or polishing new deterrent?
Home repair expert Kay Keating supplies consumer tips
All about tangerines
Soviet missile test could lead to SALT II violation
Bull market smashes old records
Baldrige raises possibility of $200 billion US deficit
Rough times for US Army's Pershing II
Snug in Saskatoon
Resent or repent?
Lewis to leave Reagan Cabinet
Malaysia, already friendly with Arabs, warms up to Japan and Indonesia
Japan steel magnate calls competition for 'things' unnecessary
Cowboys, Raiders favored; playoff picture takes shape
Pym -- subtle and accomplished
The facts on Soviet growth
Respect for the season
First steps toward getting into cross-country skiing
Going for the jocular
Human freedom made gains in '82, report says
New Year's resolutions for the cook of the house
Afghanistan prints money with no bullion to back it
State tries to counter plant shutdown
Unemployment: two calls to action
College budgets put a squeeze on tenure, and teachers feel the pinch
Court told Israeli officers ordered to harass civilians
Unemployment: two calls to action
Winter weekends in New England: fireside meals, sleigh rides
From the Berlin Philharmonic to the Chicago Lyric Opera; Our critic picks ten memorable events of 1982
Israelis hit by series of attacks near Sidon
Kreisky confirms his role in talks
Why Reagan plan falls or rises on troop withdrawal talks
High-tech's task: boosting security, staying competitive
Alabama town triumphs in DDT cleanup case
First nonfiction book from Styron; This Quiet Dust, by William Styron. New York: Random House. 305 pp. $17.50.
Pesticides And Politics
An under-the-rug look at selling Oriental carpets
Reagan's foreign-aid thrust prompts some questions
Some advice from the FBI
In birthplace of Confucius, descendants puzzle over the sage's legacy
Jack Swigert, astronaut, was congressman-elect
Lovingly observing the loving look
EPA quiets a whistleblower -- top scientist gets transfer
Reforming welfare without increasing poverty
Sweet, colorful clementines used in nouvelle dishes
Flaubert and Byron through letters; The Letters of Gustave Flaubert, 1857-1880, selected, edited, and translated by Francis Steegmuller. Cambridge,...
How to exchange unwanted holiday gift from a mail-order firm