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Monitor Archive for December 27, 1982

Despite disappointments in Philadelphia, Dawkins says he can help some team win
Reagan to Moscow: seek an Afghanistan solution
Risks cited in renewable energy
Israel sells arms to Asia discretely, even secretly

Israel guns for worldwide arms market
Five o'clock skater (Boston Public Gardens)
Polish actors end boycott of state radio and TV
200 Muslim defendants plead innocent in Cairo
The lively debate over AT&T: Will stockholders benefit?
High-priced dowries frustrate S. African blacks
Demand for electricity: what's ahead
How fare the US, USSR?; USSR -- quick growth for 30 years but still behind Japan and Europe
Why Delta can afford a new plane in hard times
Problems may ground international satellite TV from Luxembourg
How fare the US, USSR?; US -- jobs next year may be scarce despite prospects for a solid upturn
Christmas blizzard hits Rocky Mountain states
Nicaraguan: 'USSR can't solve our economic problems, nor can US'
Utilities keep hopes aglow for alternative energy sources

Honduran President's daughter released
Canadian state takeovers cause corporate concern
Tass warns West not to follow Washington's lead
Gasohol sales way up in 1982, study shows
It's 50 years and counting for Radio City Music Hall
In a new light
Japan struggles to find more money for defense
The saga of the flying lawn chair -- a very tall tale
Three Riddles
The song of another Christmas
Washington at year's end
Concern mounts over mysterious disappearance of Chinese-American
Stepfamilies: developing unity, trust, love
Two notable returns -- Snoopy and Chekhov; Snoopy Musical based on the 'Peanuts'' comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. Music by Larry Grossman, lyrics...
Time for Congress to rewrite its rules, senator says
Yugoslav austerity puts self-management to a severe test
Where the US and USSR can get together on arms control
Maintaining a stable home environment during unemployment
Two notable returns -- Snoopy and Chekhov; Three Sisters Play Anton Chekhov. English version by Jean-Claude van Itallie. Directed by Lynne Meadow.
Study shows 'singlehood' gaining in acceptability
Tracking early man in southeast Asia
Music was more than notes to pianist Arthur Rubinstein
'Lemon' laws: they're sweet for consumer, sour for carmaker
New director of science museum foresees expanded educational role
Israeli-Lebanese talks to start Tuesday near Beirut
Model UN: forum for diplomats of the future
Stopping the yo-yo
Tactical withdrawal
Mesa Petroleum has second thoughts about its bid to take control of GAO
Bulwark of independence in troubled Middle East
Two notable returns -- Snoopy and Chekhov; Rainer and the Knife Theater piece by Ping Chong and Rob List.