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Monitor Archive for December 23, 1982

The humanity of Christmas
Frozen chickens vs. technicians -- an Egyptian debate over US aid
Counting Andropov's SS-20s: why the West bargains tough
Corruption probe may spell trouble for Boston's mayor
Hussein visit will help get PLO behind peace talks
Mrs. Thatcher's visit to Belfast blends realism and reassurance
Cash-short Illinois college community proposes a tax on student tuition
Massachusetts governor signs death-penalty bill
IBM buys big stake in chipmaker
To Reagan: 'East-West trade is a fact of life'
A couple of pennies for your thoughts
Labor to rally for election to resolve Portugal crisis
Hi-tech Japan ignores US trade threats
Making the nuclear waste bill work
Designer helps budget-conscious young couples
City Cousins: urban version of a cozy bed and breakfast
'Andre Malraux's Journey into Art' -- and US TV
Prayer for Christmas Eve
New York subway hero gets call from Reagan
US errs in fanning change in bloc, Hungarian says
God's gift to you
That unwanted lame duck -- a scorecard
Curvy Thunderbird may forge auto style of the '80s
'Lucky insiders,' Fed money gauge, new accounts - a range of views
Using light and heat, scientists measure distant moons
Compromise -- for now -- on California offshore oil leases
Congress leaves memorable record despite clumsy exit
USSR: Euromissile move would scotch arms talks
From this torch a spark
New boost for black business
The many masks of modern art
A not-so-festive season for recent Broadway openings
Individuals give more, but charities come up short
Lebanon, Israel lay groundwork for troop withdrawals
Both sides in Kampuchea conflict arm for next offensive
A Chicago drive to aid the needy
Jack Lambert: a linebacker who uses brains as well as muscle
Washington wonders if papal plot is Soviet Watergate
Nureyev choreographs 'The Tempest' -- and stirs one up
Henry Morris carved out his career in limestone
January Sky Chart
Pressure is off Indian tribes to develop energy resources
E.T. lands in Paris as a hero, but a few French ask him to 'go home'
Lease plans hit snags in Florida
A star that may tear itself apart
As the world economy turns: creaky outlook
King Hussein in Washington
Hoe, hoe, hoe: robots and computers take up farming
Glacier resorts in Alps at center of latest skiing boom
Whoever said insurance is boring?
Brazilian official confident private loans will come
Nissan puts a sporty coupe into its new-car showrooms
This year, an almost-merry Christmas for El Salvador
Still 'Queen of the Courthouse Square' in Traverse City
Afghan Army is down to 20,000, defector says
Imposing 'Gandhi' has more dignity than insight