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Monitor Archive for December 22, 1982

Wedding Poem. (for Carolee and Lewis)
A political who, what, or how much -- in an instant
Challenge for US: keep inflation below 5 percent
Security of 'Ginnie Maes'
With new IMF loan in hand, Brazilians come calling on private banks for $4.4 billion
Untarnished joy
Kremlin missile offer: posture or peace-feeler?
Church giving more than keeps up with inflation
Nicaragua need not copy Cuba
Bird in the bush
Meet America's oldest family-run publisher

Israeli panel summons Sharon a second time
Reagan signs funding bill; fine print may favor MX
Japan's trading firms widen horizons
US plans to ease limits on pension management
Andropov's bid
Arthur Rubinstein, the piano virtuoso
De Lorean accused of claiming IRA ties
Hearing 'The Messiah' -- as Handel wanted it to sound
Adler: Education is killing culture
Turkish diplomats visit Asia, USSR in attempt to 'balance' foreign policy
New cookbooks for the kitchen or for reading pleasure
Portugal premier's offer to resign is under review
To a waterfowl
Administration's swipes at US legal aid program have missed -- so far
GOP pollster talks about 1984, chances of another Reagan run
How ideas influence the economy; The Economy in Mind, by Warren T. Brookes. New York: Universe Books. 240 pp. $15 .95.
Paris at Christmas: caviar and confections
Do Soviets want a 'peace with honor' exit?
Sino-Soviet border tension eases
Fed up with the lame-duck session? Blame George III
Wolf howls and seal barks become a concert in Paul Winter's hands
S. Africa inquest exonerates police, but shows need to protect detainees
Will Andropov play the Albanian card?
Afghan rebels keep Kabul tense, diplomats report
Chinese leaders tour Africa with few gifts in their sack
The time to swap municipal bonds may be right now
Washington's view: Soviets digging in and no sign of withdrawal
Canadian inflation slipped below 10% last month
The invasion . . . three years later; Soviet two-edged sword in Afghanistan
Lesson by lesson with Lydie Marshall
Henry Ford's productivity lesson
Falcons flying; Moseley sets mark
Trying to tie up loose ends in Reagan Mideast peace plan
Army's COHORT plan keeps units together, builds morale
To refreeze or not to refreeze natural gas prices: public waits warily
Sprucy wages
Israel urges Lebanon to start talks soon
Madeleines make pretty cookies for Christmas
'Tis the season for new and recycled ski books
The deferred dream of African unity
A little train that couldn't: Zambian and Tanzanian railway needs help
Soviets grab Afghan resources, saving their own
Et in terra pax
Preserving the true spirit of Christmas
Kremlin missile offer: posture or peace-feeler?
Signs of 'religious renewal' in US as churchgoing steadies
Argentines talk tough on still-hot Falklands issue