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Monitor Archive for December 21, 1982

'Fred, I part company with you here'
A broadening experience

Record guide: selected rock and pop releases
Why natural gas prices are rising
Schmidt's party wins, but Local W. German election muddies future
The bubble bus
A lesson in trust
Hard times take meat out of E. German shopping bags
Plot to kill Pope was act of war, Italian official says

How Communist hard-liners put a grinch in Poles' Christmas
Former CIA agent gets 15 years, $200,000 fine
Where have all the painterly painters gone?
Labor in '83: keeping the lid on wages
Andropov's public style: little fanfare as USSR begins its 60th anniversary
Congressional funding bill may face veto by Reagan
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...and eat it, too

Record guide: selected rock and pop releases
Dean on 'Deep Throat': a Watergate mystery
Japan's electronics empire draws spies from East and West
From death sentence to freedom: dissident released by S. Korea's Chun
For new congressmen, a crash course in governing
States wrangle over nuclear waste
Colorado's Gary Hart looks at 1984 presidential run
Cuddle diplomacy
Chile's economy and the 'Chicago Boys'
World's mountains -- beset by development, erosion
US envoy: Aid cuts hurt, but Salvadorean Army is winning the war
The deep design
OPEC's new agreement to disagree
The forgotten pot of gold
Drive led by world consumer group; Fighting pesticide 'dumping' in third world
President Reagan at midterm
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Ferries collide, one sinks off east coast of England
Study shows college women hope to combine career and family
S. Africa's widening battle against rebels
Mesa Petroleum in a new bid to land another oil company
Nebraska's Rimington gains national fame at oft-overlooked center position
Shaping up the Pentagon
Americans earned less, bought more in November
Iran says Iraqi missiles hit civilian targets in a city
A Christmas seal for just $5,000
Music in Vienna: splendid performances in magnificent settings
One man's drive to X-out the term 'Xmas'
Asian economies to rival Europe soon, survey says

New figures emerge on the cost in lives of Israel's war in Lebanon

Reviving a Victorian Christmas: 'They had more fun'
Nationwide survey shows brighter job picture
Why the House turned down the MX missile
EPA to clean up 418 toxic dumps
Salvadorean rebel: hope for talks
Record guide: selected rock and pop releases
R&D pays off for Japan's enterprising Tateishi Electric
5 Lebanese soldiers killed in feuding in mountains
Hussein's hour
Israel and Lebanon agree to talk; Hussein visits US
Record guide: selected rock and pop releases