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Monitor Archive for December 2, 1982

A Broadway musical hit offering light-and-sound pyrotechnics; Concerning 'Cats,' there are few moderates
Congressmen rub their eyes over historic implications of MX missile
An almond-butter-and-jelly sandwich? Just maybe
Men's Rights; A modest movement is gaining momentum
Searching for ways to cut US jobless rate
When the phone book lists Western Electric under 'C'
US Chrysler plant making parts Canadians had done
Tune out liquor ads
Tailoring jobs to computers, and computers to people
The MX debate (continued)
War and wildlife
Soviet Union offers new pipeline contracts
Lebanese leftist leader escape assassination try

Israel expands its plans for West Bank settlement
Woolly rock group bleats 'Baa Baa Black Sheep'
Israelis may have killed Soviet team in Lebanon
Those crates of stardust memories
Ham radio
Spending bills stack up in Congress
If not Kennedy
Self-help guide simplifies everyday legal contracts
Brazilians cope with mortgages in 100% inflation
Court settlement gives stewardesses $52.5 million
Funnies are getting to be serious business
Drama at the Royal Opera House -- on stage and in the budget
Democrat incumbents win special Georgia elections
Will the PLO join in, too?
John Leech makes farmers of housewives, firemen, clerks
The many masks of modern art
Grass-roots welcome for Britain's Iron Lady
Improving the criminal justice system
Letter-bomb at No. 10 Downing embarrasses British officials
California coastal storm ravages homes, kills 11
Drugs, civil rights, crime in US: a talk with Attorney General Smith
Why Brazil seeks a $6 billion bailout
Forum helps companies share savvy
The case of the hidden movie, or 'Haven't I seen that scene before?'
Southeast testing solar cells for home electricity
Hopes fade in Israel for pact with Lebanon
When satellites fail, others fill in; Earth's flexible orbiting weather watchers
British mystified by group linked with letter bombs
NATO ministers reaffirm aim to deploy A-missiles
Pentagon announces sale of war materiel to Taiwan
Lady Mary Soames
Baseball's 1982 awards stir less controversy than usual
Citibank economist says recovery time is here
Moving but one-sided special on apartheid
Tears of joy
China plans to borrow over $10 billion
Getting the Soviet economy moving: Will bigger sticks, better carrots help?
The world's national parks fall on hard times
Staying employed
Scientists search for the elusive super-element
Warrior for peace
Crowds on the field; UCLA and the Rose Bowl; Notre Dame's so-so season
Democrats' wide open race: what it means for 1984
Cardboard houses? An inventor says his treated material is tops