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Monitor Archive for December 17, 1982

Soviets upgrade jet force based off northern Japan
Argentine junta battered by protests in hot political summer
Boom in real estate study filters down to 6th graders
A word in season

Far-reaching effects of Teamsters convictions
Clausen says US must take lead to get world moving
Washington on $69,761 a year? House takes a crack at raising its pay
George Winston's piano? Lyrical, folk, eclectic -- and more
Nicaraguan junta, Roman Catholics strike uneasy truce
The not-so-dazzling world of video art -- and the UN's news-by-satellite issue
Industry, education, and the computer revolution
The case against Clinch River
Put an overlay over windows to ease winter condensation
Mayor Koch bounces back to face NYC's new economic dilemmas
A turnaround for S&Ls next year -- if, if . . .
Will California's tuition-free colleges become history?
OPEC flounders amid an oil glut
European Parliament denies British refund

Begin insists PLO forces be first to leave Lebanon
Portion of personal income spent on housing is rising
How to stop diploma deflation
Dissident will be allowed to leave S. Korea for US
Melodrama capital
Massachusetts may join battle over offshore oil leasing
US reporters grilled in Moscow
AT&T unveils historic plan to give up 22 companies

PLO rift delays word for Reagan
Geneticists produce mice the size of rats
Women's Olympic slate expands; Armas to Red Sox; kicking family
Guests of winter
Is Andropov trimming the Russian bear's claws?
Pass the regulatory reform bill
A book that helps amateurs photograph plants like pros
Chrysler's 'voice' is fun -- until it starts nagging.
Japan sees protectionism in US auto-content bill
Ask the Gardeners

All in the family
A Cadillac with more zip but less 'aura'
Angola refuses to cut Cuban troop lifeline
The bargaining chip theory
Praying versus saying

Cheaper OPEC oil may be just down the road.
Happy Christmas, Mrs. B
The technology revolution nobody noticed
Walesa fails to appear at Gdansk rally
Broadcasters' free ride to Bonanzaville
How much third world debt?
IMF backs Brazilian plan, clearing way for big loan
Beyond the Teamsters trial
Reagan's shorter press meetings: some warn he's becoming isolated
Jetting into Jiddah -- but not out
B-52 crashes on takeoff from base in California
Early strategy: discipline; Soviets engineer plan to keep railroads on track