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Monitor Archive for December 14, 1982

Trinidad; A mosaic of cultures, cuisines, and architecture
China's leaders clear the way for economic takeoff
Poles set dates for letup; Solidarity leaders doubtful
Israeli court halts razing of West Bank buildings
Life on one of Jupiter's moons?NASA scientists say Europa's icy sheath masks potential breeding ground for simple organisms
Brazil ends 'dark years' of human-rights abuse
Japan's robots may pay union dues . . . but will they attend meetings?
Europe's antinuclear voice gains in volume and intensity
New signs of fence-mending in the Middle East
UN delegates divided over what the General Assembly delivered
Cranston warms up for the political run of his career
Two of Florida's best-kept secrets
'More local programs,' towns tell cable-TV companies
Portuguese premier urged to quit after poll losses
With Bethlehem in mind.

Lloyd's of London tries to sort out its 'few bad apples'
Mr. Begin outflanks the President
News for the traveler
Israel selling fighter jets, tanks to Honduras?
Honduran rights record improves after skidding in '81
Entire Cabinet resigns in Peruvian shake-up
Jerry Brown's legacy: women and minorities in office
Social security's reluctant experts
Social insecurity
Andropov: firm but cautious in his first month
Working up whimsical, new routine a 'big test' for skater Scott Hamilton
And now the news -- read by Rhoda Robot
Wrong antifreeze
The star is
The Namibia nudgers
Task force of businessmen probes waste in government
New signs of fence-mending in the Middle East
Glut reactions
Kenya pushes to reduce high birthrate
David Gordon troupe poses some big questions, a little pretentiously
Chrysler workers return to their jobs in Canada
Ulster police put on alert as two rebels are killed
Two Irish parties agree on coalition
Reagan will not advise social security panel
How Japanese have absorbed the oil price jolts
Churches' power to veto nearby bars is overruled
New Soviet 'flexibility' not enough for NATO
Oil outlook cheery -- for the consumer
Suggestions on looking at art; It's the message -- not the messenger -- that counts
Eight ways top companies help themselves stay on top
Armored-car firm is victim of record-setting robbery
The Reagan budget and the '84 race
Sugar Ray Leonard out of ring, but not spotlight during Harvard visit
The best point about the freeze
Who's right?
Carnival: when Trinidad explodes with noise and movement
Spain to tell Shultz of NATO hold