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Monitor Archive for December 10, 1982

Namibia talks aid Angolan leader
Laughing at ourselves, with help from Bob Newhart and Mark Russell
Extra effort required of lone individuals wanting foundation money
The decline of oratory since 'Borah's up!'
Shultz: the quiet art of compromise
Foundation Profiles; Defining a foundation
How serious is it? View from soup kitchens
Hartford foundation gives local elementary schools money for basic subjects
Steps for grantseekers to follow
Nobel winners champion prisoners of conscience
New trends in real estate show changing US market
Foundations tailor special programs for black colleges
How at one foundation a grant went from idea to reality
Gas prices in some areas slip below $1 a gallon
Tycoon's fortune helps those he wouldn't
The quality revolution and you
Foundations: private giving for public schools
Matter of infinity
Reagan proposes giving farmers grain to cut yield
Washington police explain why A-protester was killed
Navy's 'tow truck' can rescue disabled subs
MX rebuff may trigger shift in nuclear defense strategy
NATO tries to calm members' nuclear qualms
Economy in Poland back in Soviet orbit
Foundation Profiles; Local loyalties shape Bay area choices
Stock of Atari gamemaker plunges on earnings news
Moscow's 'Pavlovian diplomacy' on Afghanistan
The 'Venice of America'
Zap! Pow! Video games sparkle in holiday market
Boston city schools: once a battleground, now a model
Foundation Profiles; Government adopts foundation mode
The monument and the atom

Tentative OK is reached on Chrysler Canada pact
As recession lingers, US again battles problem of hunger
Keeping mold off redwood deck may require a periodic effort
Healing holiday melancholy

Recipe for winter
Book foundation spurs reading of classics
Courts split on creche controversy
London politician will see Irish nationalists in Ulster

For somebody's benefit, why not yours?
If Poland lifts martial law
Who is to blame for unemployment?
Growth into grantsmaking at Sears
Southern teams flood the bowls; rushing champ; punts soaring
Foundation Profiles; No proposals, please, on Sears label grants
Calling all savers
Syrinam coup attempt appears to have failed

'That's all, folks' at drive-in movies as land values upstage the profits
Best place to begin your grant search
Verticle language
Gardener guide to sidewalk de-icers
Key Afghan rebel leader reported killed in battle
Argentina begins to probe thousands of 'disappearances'
Training exercise leads to air crash in Chile
Shuttle bugs: China scientists quiz US astronauts
S. Africa raid on black nationalists: winning a battle, but losing the war?
Foundation Profiles; The giant's agenda: equity, excellence
Cold winter ahead for US, Israel in Lebanon?
Japanese chain retails quality, price -- and local flavor

Small foundation tactic: pooling for grassroots causes
Mott's aid formula for public black colleges
Surface mounted wiring feasible in modest homes
Putting America back to work: a look beyond public-works bills
Leafin' well enough, alone
Impact of student vote likely to increase in '84