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Monitor Archive for December 1, 1982

Trade issues top agenda for Reagan's trip to Brazil
Who has time for slurry?
Missile issue may make or break Rudolph Lubbers's Dutch government
Mexico's new President takes office -- with $80 billion debt
Precious paper
When an author goes probing for classified government documents
Does USSR use chemical warfare?
African Sahel region tests man's ability to control environment
Ducks and anti-Semites
Lebanese leader asks aid of Soviets for withdrawal
Amerasian children's long journey to America
Civil Air Patrol: new fuel for fire department of the sky
Many races: hallmark of Dutch schoolrooms
Arrest is made in Tylenol case
New Cabinet in Italy is center-left coalition
Poach pears for a garnish
Thatcher safe as bomb explodes in her offices

Unaffordable arms
F-16 delivery to Pakistan delayed
Prime Minister Gonzalez charts his moderate Socialist course for Spain
One indicator says go, another notes doldrums
The tastemaker behind the McMillen style
Quabbin; The valley where time went backward
Checking toxin warfare
Galactic supercluster discovered

The Fortune Society; A bridge from prison to the 'square' world
Assuming skiers rush the slopes again. . .
Beyond the mirror's image
Peking's economic planners invest in China's people
UN casts fourth vote for Soviet pullout from occupied Afghanistan
Another case of publish or perish? Boston may lose a newspaper
New bankruptcy law ruled invalid in previous claims
US diplomacy mired in Mideast
American cooks take pride in native food products
Olivier's indispensable memoir; Confessions of an Actor: An Autobiography, by Laurence Olivier. New York: Simon & Schuster. 288 pp. $16.95.
Latest weekly money data
The Reagan bust
'Space cadet' artist renders satellites from salad bowls
CAS saves scientists from 'reinventing the wheel'
Soviet trade with West in sharp gain, UN says
Mrs. Thatcher sets up her own advisory team
Afro-American Quilts
The frank Mr. Feldstein
Home refinancing -- wait awhile
Surprise -- Northeast may lead US recovery
To buy or not to buy as housing market booms?
'We'll be right back, after these many words'
Blooms, dreams and hope
Israel's inquiry
'Socialist' plan in Zimbabwe has private punch
The 'global village' plugs in
A new type of housing that older Americans warm to
Redskins for real; Campbell's yardage quest
Cucumber sandwiches on the BBC set of Smiley's People
Helping refugees
Agenda for lame-duck Congress: jobs, jobs, jobs
San Francisco's showcase for the opera singer's art
Rebuilding America
Roundabout's comfortable comedy of a family reunion at Christmastime; The Holly and the Ivy Play by Wynyard Browne. Directed by Lindsay Anderson.
Fruits of labour
A scrutable baseball fan leads Japan