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Monitor Archive for November 8, 1982

Making poetry
Tough Brezhnev speech marks Russian Revolution
Peaceful leadership change in Africa
Giving what is needed
'Pimpernel' is classic family fare
In 98th Congress, they won't make coalitions the way they used to

Storefront adoption agencies
Spate of Soviet peace moves forecast for '83
Gemayel's power play in Lebanon
A father's political insights
When the plot is scrambled, don't worry about details; Exquisite Torture. Play written, directed by, and starring Charles Ludlam.
Extending Japan's sea power: risks and rewards
Tax shelters; Public limited partnerships
Handling human predicaments, Off Broadway style
Now, a struggle to balance the nation's checkbook

Iran penetrates border in fresh advance on Iraq
West Bank test
Where the economy is heading
Shaky shelter season near
For good buys, elbow your way through a factory outlet
Soviet penal labor force is 4 million, CIA says
Hussein call for PLO action stirs some Israelis . . . but not Begin

The basket
Social security politics
All-around play, soundness put Vandeweghe among NBA's top forwards
Quick action stems Brixton riot
Tax-shelter appeal has slipped, but some see new lift

Israeli pullout talks start this week, Lebanon says
Poll vultures
Pitfalls of limited partnerships are not obvious to novice
Stopping illegal immigration at its source
FDP finishes convention ahead, losing extreme left
How federal judge's ruling on windfall profits tax could affect budget
Tamper-resistant consumers, too?
As a kingdom comes clear
End of monsoon will mark start of Kampuchea test
Chinese cabbages coming in from the cold
Canadian workers defy Chrysler
A top broker's bullish view; financial planning pedigrees
The freshman class: ready to tackle economy

In 98th Congress, they won't make coalitions the way they used to
World Literature: never neutral views
Making sure the world hears when a tree falls in the forest
Welcoming neighborhood children into your home
When the plot is scrambled, don't worry about details; Anna Into Nightlight. Romance created and directed by Ping Chong and the Fiji Theater Company.
The story of two shelters, one leaky, one lucrative
Latest weekly money data
Journalism's double agenda
How to pass the giving on

The ink is dry; Aztec verb; big money
Going home to God
Wresting treasure from Spanish galleons