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Monitor Archive for November 30, 1982

Zia; Pakistan's military ruler, before US visit, talks about drugs, arms build-up, India, elections, Afghanistan, and 'the bomb'

GATT pulls trade back from the brink
OAS leader welcomes subdued US policy on Latin America
When dams, dikes won't do; Towns find new ways to foil floods
Pravda says USSR ready to renew ties with Albania
The startling impact of Schiele's portraits
Reagan in Latin America
Measured Soviet response to MX
Choice words from a 'linguamaniac'
Zimbabwe economic plan sets growth goal of 8%
Mixing dance and music, and making it work
New law protecting S. African prisoners seen as victory. . .though a small one
In Polish church-state tango, Walesa becomes odd man out
Iran wins big in oil war with Iraq
High-school bands go Broadway as competition grows
The MX debate
Pasadena parade route rife with roses, er, thorns
The energy to 'take it easy'
Home at last
World's fastest train
Solar energy eclipsed by low oil prices, pinched economy

Obtaining the right approval
Jaruzelski marches forward with church more in step -- but Walesa left behind
City lets water have its way -- right through downtown park
Alternative-energy stores: how 3 of the fittest survived
'Life in the West Bank has become almost unbearable'
Trade: picking up the pieces
Japanese department store thrives on quality, service
Recovery of three bodies from MX site is delayed
Supreme Court to weigh radioactive-waste issue
A grin and a purr
Danes, British agree on Scottish fishing, but Copenhagen not pleased with limits
Ted Kennedy still sizing up his presidential chances
How many US, British secrets have leaked to Soviets?
S. African blacks win rare victory
Also of note in the Mideast...
What's behind Vatican's switch on Poland, East bloc
White House: no assault on Capitol Hill this time
W. Germany tries new tactic to ease process of conscientious objection
Poland releases 327 jailed in martial law
Photographs of children can make memorable presents
Fulfill America's pledge to the hungry
Kremlin's Andropov signals that discipline is his byword
Israel drops one objection to talks on Lebanon exit
America's promise to the poorest
Corporate America is on the move -- in track shorts
Brazil, struggling to sail economy through storm, is expected to make it