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Monitor Archive for November 3, 1982

High-yield alternatives
Voices of Teen-agers
A moist, nutty cake made with carrots
A trail with a view
Reagan parley considers long-term economic policy
Coming to terms with electronic games
Is the Supreme Court on the Reagan team?
Trudeau steps in to halt dock strike in Vancouver
How to dust off a classic, and how not to: a tale of two opera houses
Stepping out
Saturn's rings still baffle scientists despite wealth of data from Voyagers
Fashion shows: key elements in retail sales
Israeli inquiry into Beirut massacre leaves questions on political fallout
Iran and Iraq differ in battlefield reports
Chestnuts, walnuts, pecans make holiday foods special
Egypt complains to Israel over hotel on Sinai beach
Suspense from US to Europe; Murder in the Supreme Court, by Margaret Truman. New York: Arbor House. 284 pp. Ceremony, by Robert B. Parker. New York:...
Egypt's place in the Arab world
Soviet aid for Nicaragua - and alleged jabs by US
How farm soil is sliding into the pork barrel
Contract for A-carrier goes to Virginia yard
Thoughts at water level
Bailing out the world's banks

Why China refuses to play its 'Soviet card'
The unemployed, the discouraged, and the working
Ideas still flow, but today's inventors face tough market
For many Palestinians in Lebanon home is a tent
Tylenol case: police seek Chicago-area suburbanite
Building Bridges of Mutual Respect
Why is publishing unprofitable?
Democrat Cranston quietly tests presidential waters
Swiss specialties celebrated at Bern's onion festival
Japan fires harpoon at whale ban
Japan's political campaigns look like those in US -- but not quite
Weinberger promises more arms aid to Thais
Subcontinent summit
Sweet winter pears come in several varieties
Italian premier visiting US as Washington smiles
Undefeated UCLA goes to air; joins lofty football company
Chinese patterns and reproductions
How to cut costs -- before the next election
Argentina granted debate on Falklands at the UN
Three years after hostages seized, US-Iran relations remain icy
The China Trade
Pope congratulates new Spanish leaders
Choosing apples
Voices of parents and teachers
Is embattled Teamsters Union losing clout?
Next chapter in Polish martial law could be stronger censorship
Advice from retiring insiders on shaping better Congress
Saving Old North Church bells
Election coverage
S. Africa cracks down on squatters