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Monitor Archive for November 29, 1982

Communist influence in peace movement: threat or red herring?
Heeding nature's hints in the way of change

Tips for enjoying restaurant meals with children
Looking into the law: three strategies
Stronger weapons -- weaker debate
Radio Free Kabul: rallying the Afghan resistance
Final vote count shows Brazilians favor civilian over junta's candidates
Britain brakes falling interest rate
France, India negotiate arms and trade deals
Vatican rejects claim it owes in bank default
Looking into the law: three strategies
Inside 20th-century music; Dmitri Shostakovich: The hero as diarist
First look at law comes barking and cawing
Japanese leader struggles with political shortcomings
Jeff Ruland is more cement truck than speeding basketball Bullet
Monitoring the gene-splicers
Angry Qaddafi fails to gain OAU leadership as Africans split . . . again
Why Congress now warms to gas tax
Britons turned off by more opportunities to tune in new TV channels
A new leader for the USSR
Communist influence in peace movement: threat or red herring?
Getting organized on the home front
Is there a gleam in Jimmy Carter's eye?
FitzGerald victory in Ireland may help prospects for peace in Ulster
Solidarity protest is off; martial law end in sight
A 5 1/2-hour version of 'Faust' that manages to be engrossing
KKK rally triggers clash of protesters and police
When the SEC looks the other way
High Court may clarify its mixed signals on abortion issue
Reagan goodwill trip puts Latin America on his map
Kremlin's 'tea leaves' can be teacup tempests
'Not the Chicago Tribune': spoofs surge in hard times
Romania waives taxes against emigrating Jews
Dancing together
A word to lame ducks
Reagan's remarks and a rebuttal
How decisionmaking from bottom-up put a Japanese firm on top
Inquiry warnings rock Israel
Books that change our lives
Reagan authorizes aid for Hawaii hurricane victims
UNESCO clears way for East-West news project
Looking into the law: three strategies
Securities industry may bid for new banking rules
Bottle bill proponents, opponents watch Northeast
Automated feeders ease a big task for fish hatcheries
The wind and the leaves
The man in the plaid flannel spacesuit talks about his series
Homes I have had
GATT winds up with weak pledge on protectionism