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Monitor Archive for November 17, 1982

5 Salvadorans face trial in missionary murders
An Englishwoman adds fruit to her cookbook series
83-model cars fuel wholesale-price rise
Walesa's tightrope
Russia under Andropov -- as seen by a former ambassador
East bloc on Andropov: shrewd, tolerant
It's not too early for '83 tax moves
Ideas for piecrusts
Scotland's roller coaster ride to economic recovery
Israeli team rules out sabotage in Lebanon blast
Michigan hopes for home-grown high-tech industry
Top guerrilla suspect arrested in Germany
Castro would edge away from Moscow -- if
Nature books based on PBS series; The Flight of the Condor: A Wildlife Exploration of the Andes, by Michael Andrews. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 158...
NASA boasts Columbia's success, but will program evr turn a profit?
When conscience and defense jobs collide
Murray Louis troupe: artists of the dance-survival game
Portugal offers military aid to former African colonies
Latest weekly money data
Health: its spiritual basis
Columbia delivers
Philadelphia reproductions: elegance at modest prices
US industrial output takes another drop
Gerard Manley Hopkins: Intimations of divinity
Jobs-bill bandwagon speeds up as economy sputters
For young readers -- a close look at nature
The War Powers Resolution: more loophole than law
Opera at Carnegie Hall? There's more dazzle than at many a Met evening
Would US communication systems work in a nuclear war?
French sauces add elegance and ease to holiday turkey
NASA boasts Columbia's success, but will program ever turn a profit?

Then the Chinese actor cried: 'I have a right to reality!'
Soviet trade czar says US mustn't use trade weapon
A class on nuclear arms -- by a man who designs them
French employers to end role with jobless program
Iran reports new push into Iraqi territory
Former premier asked to form Italian regime
Israeli Army unit escapes grenade raid near Beirut
Chemical Bank prime raised to 12% again
Also of note
New German leader sees mandate for missile plan
As utilities cut outlays, some electricity users may gain
To finish IRA violence
Arms talks: Will Soviets split West with 'peace offensive'?
Draft-registration system ruled invalid by judge
Herschel Walker, peach of a runner and a person, too
Brazilian ballot
Britain sells off state companies
British builder launches flock of mini-condos in California
Booming defense budget gets caught in a cross fire
Afghan guerrillas blow up three restaurants in Kabul
Prisoner swap involving 3 Americans seems near
A Kremlin backdrop: big and small actors in the wings
Changing makeup of state legislatures
French stress on nuclear arms has allies worried
US forges its own alternative to Law of Sea Treaty