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Monitor Archive for November 16, 1982

Sir Freddie's new travel plans
How to pull one's own weight in a city on the rise
The place to be
Ex-CIA agent begins trial on Libyan supply charge

The difficulties of making peace
Home video market has Hollywood twisting and turning
How 'Golden Crescent' drugs bend the arm of the law
Wanted: moderate Democratic candidate for '84 presidential bid
A guiding light
'Nova's' helpful look at a teen-age science talent hunt
Can something this ugly give you a beautiful picture?
Mayors meet to draft national recovery plan
Those who served
Lebanon has a long way to go
Art -- restless again -- may soon be laughing at today's 'in' crowd
Some of this town's old school ties have an international stripe
Pound hits lowest level in 6 years against dollar
New York
Documenting the history of man in North America
Williams cuts a big swath, trails some red ink
Court to rule on unionist ousters
Washington struggles to stem heroin tide
Well-service firms get bogged down in slowdown
China's friendly signals to Soviets
West Bank educators face uncertain futures
Well-service firms get bogged down in slowdown as oil industry waits for some 'froth' to subside
Data centers: operators are standing by
US drug officials inspect world's major drug spots
US bishops urged to tie abortion to nuclear stance
It's forwards ho! with trio of pro basketball rookies
Shuttle spacewalk killed because of suit trouble
Workers to the rescue: can employee ownership keep factories open?
Poland's leaders watch Walesa closely as they weigh an end to martial law
Weathering the storm
US, West Germany try to patch holes in Atlantic alliance
A 'livable' oil town in the pin-striped part of Oklahoma
Seize the moment

France fumes at US over allied pipeline 'agreement'
Israeli inflation tops annual rate of 135%
Prisoner swap in Africa may free 3 Americans
Andropov taking helm of Soviet foreign policy
American streetcars: those lovable, art-deco oldtimers
Brazil's race from third world backwardness to first world power
Social security challenge: putting together a bipartisan consensus
Aerospace plants gear up for new military contracts
Window on the oily deep
Simulators stay on the ground, but business has really taken off
S&Ls delighted with new money account
Tightening the reins on high-tech transfers to USSR
Hussein visiting France to explain peace plan
Taking a look at the unseen
Picking on China -- a new fashion
US, West Germany try to patch holes in Atlantic alliance