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Monitor Archive for November 12, 1982

Fresh cranberries give color, piquancy to holiday foods
Spadolini's resignation rejected
Japan-US tradesmanship
After the battle
Don't forget a mincemeat pie for the holidays
W. Europe sees few post-Brezhnev changes
Expected release of Walesa may help end martial law
Britain sign $170 million defense deal with China
British MPs want purge in British intelligence
View from Kremlin battlements: discouraging
Crown roast of pork makes a spectacular presentation
We wait in love
The nuclear issue: it depends on how you view the world
Number of unemployment claims down for 2nd week

Jimmy Carter takes a look at '84 race, arms race, Mideast
East, West German Lutherans gear up for annual Peace Week
The soft sell
Brazil cashes in with open-door policy on arms sales
Top secret dough? Muffin baker battles for recipe rights
2 of Germany's most wanted terrorists arrested
For the social security rescue squad, only a handful of options

Small shredder quite handy for gardeners in city, suburbs
US-China ties in the doldrums over Taiwan
Holiday foods: a few surprises among the traditional
A country Inn
Some new mortgages finding favor with buyers
The Brezhnev legacy
Moscow, Washington adjust to new Soviet era
Cheese and fruit are simple, festive fare for entertaining
The men who run the Soviet Union - the members of the Politburo
New UMW president vows to help jobless miners

For Viet vets: a memorial -- and flood of memories
Try out various cleaners on concrete pool decking
Cranberries and figs perk up turkey stuffings
Food producers pitching in to help the hungry
Israel's prime minister leaves for 10-day US visit
Gulf states huddle to shore up defenses
The best termite predator is a pest-control company
Removing creosote from old wooden beams
New ideas to try this Thanksgiving
A St. Nicholas Day treat in Switzerland
Israeli officers testify they knew of killings early
Census data outlines future US population growth, immigration
Delicious gifts from your kitchen
Hollywood's new Ginger and her fancy footwork
US industry to scrimp on capital outlays in '83
Setting the table with antique dishes brings added pleasure to dining
Using peaches as a garnish
Unprecedented vote gets benefits for homosexuals
Drink to be sociable?

Columbia goes to work
Apple-growing families offer recipes for the holidays
Mortimer Adler brings some 'Great Ideas' to public TV
Moving on jobs
Moscow, Washington adjust to new Soviet era
Constantly replacing canvas in reclining chairs? Try plastic
Keeping firehoses ready for a world banking crisis
IMF to help debt-ridden Argentina and Mexico
The Brezhnev era
The concerns of the ordinary person -- filmmaker King Vidor's focus
Sweet potatoes need only a little sugar and spice
Nut bread made with squash
Explosion flattens Israeli headquarters in Tyre
Currents of change stir under surface ice of Soviet society
Culinary gifts to inspire a cook
Good choice of winter citrus fruits available