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Monitor Archive for November 10, 1982

Humble and bold
Doing something about Africa
Unprecarious living
Gifts in good taste from your kitchen
Tips from Monopoly masters
Municipal bonds offer a relatively safe and tax-free investment
US hints of agreement with allies on pipeline
Turkey: a vote for stability

Spanish cooking classes offered in Madrid
Long after federal warning, many dams are still unsafe
Schools at center of coming church-state battles
Fiction: D.C. mood during Vietnam; In the City of Fear, by Ward Just. New York: The Viking Press. 291 pp. $14.95.
Instruction to poets
In opera, experience -- not youth -- can be the key
Paying homage to a righteous man; Schindler's List, by Thomas Keneally. Simon & Schuster. 399 pp. $16.95.
US satellite quits sun vigil to intercept two comets
Here's how to freeze foods for the holidays ahead
Israel gobbles up West Bank land with suburbs
Heroin's trail from poppy fields to the West
The richness of rigor
The nuclear freeze movement: a window of opportunity
African unity's toughest test: deciding who rules W. Sahara
Chrysler's missing board member
Europe stalls on move to switch to lead-free gasoline
Carroll's life and letters; Benchley novel
Fuel tanker blast in tunnel kills Soviets and Afghans
Dishes from a famous Castilian restaurant
Shopping around
Pope's Spanish trip ends; three charged with plot
Rail unions step up to buy giant Conrail
Grants for an arts-science bridge
Reagan plans to confront Begin on settlements
Tylenol investigators finish capsule check in Chicago
Psst, hush-hush agency is hiring more spooks
Paris in the spring
World Series of capitalism
Soviets hammer away at Afghan rebel resistance
Public works proposal attacked by White House
Hamburger U
Gemayel to rule Lebanon by decree for six months
Polish regime, church try to defuse tensions
Musings on the ubiquitous loaf of French bread
Army doctor takes over after Upper Volta coup
'Western style' kimonos fizzle in Japan
Turkeys will be more expensive this year
Carroll's life and letters; Benchley novel
Rip Van Winkle
Baseball owners still at odds over ouster of Bowie Kuhn
West pins rights talks to Soviet commitment
Choose pumpkin or butternut for soup
Arizona State hopeful of securing Rose Bowl berth in game with Washington
Brazilians samba to first national election in 20 years
The rebuffed New Right
US population projected to hit 309 million by 2050
Italy moves into fast lane of world's drug traffic