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Monitor Archive for November 1, 1982

Rock revisited: Little Richard to the Go-Go's; Rock 'n Roll! The First 5,000 Years Multimedia musical directed and choreographed by Joe Layton.
A gem of an orchestra from the Netherlands
NATO worries over Spain
Whatever the vote, Reagan themes aren't likely to fade
Indian Sikhs may win bid for more autonomy, rights
Juggling? Comedy? Call it 'nouveau vaudeville'
Stock market has a close eye on election outcome
Hunters stalk the Australian outback -- for seeds
For a US housing policy
Labor says jobless pay falls short
Polish church says no to possible worker strike
Syrians fire at Israeli jets; PLO readies for an attack
Socialist Spain
Interested in no-interest mortgage? Try Evansdale
Peace for parents
'Made in USA' label -- getting harder than ever to find
Early morning greetings
Around the world in eighty ways
Defector from Chinese mainland arrives in Taiwan
In Texas, unemployment is top issue in Senate, governor's races
Euphoria turns to moderation as Spain's Socialists face reality of power
Rembrandt's authenticity
'You have to listen'
Racing with robots
What Teen-Agers Want of Parents
Schultz urges Soviets to ease aggression
Stock market has a close eye on election outcome
US study urges mineral stockpiling to cut reliance on South Africa
For the journey
Israeli 'mini cabinet' kept eye on Sharon, reportedly
Appreciating the silent reminder
Industry recycling: it's starting to make cents
Exits of Martin and Mauch show vulnerability of baseball pilots -- even if they win
Milk containers: old and new
IRA terrorists launch attacks on Belfast police
What to do with pumpkins after Halloween
Reagan's coattails -- hard to grab
Latest weekly money data
Pakistan and Indian summit may signal a new strategy for Mrs. Gandhi
Swiss proposals on how to 'save the family' -- easier said than done?

What parents want of teen-agers
To parents: listen
Also of note in Indian-Pakistani relations . . .
Begin rejects suggested freeze on settlements
Weidenbaum vs. Weinberger -- defense battle goes on
Sakharov accuses KGB of stealing personal papers
Thoughts during a conference on the translation of poetry
Helping children learn the fine art of making friends
All quiet on the campus
Why Soviets toughen anti-US line cautiously

Small wonder