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Monitor Archive for October 8, 1982

With period illustrations by Caldecott winners; Charming poems based on nature; Birds, Beasts and the Third Thing: Poems by D. H. Lawrence, selected...
Guatemalan copters said to be overflying Mexico
For Madison Avenue, NFL strike changes the whole game plan
Playoff rain delays; pitchers surprise
The nuclear challenge
How love for a pet blossomed into love for a family; Duchess, by Chester Aaron. New York: J.B. Lippincott. 182 pp. $10.50. (Ages 12 and older.)
Daffodils for constant color
If only I could be ...; The Luckiest One of All, by Bill Peet. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. 30 pp. $9.95. (Ages 4-7.)
Advice for parents and teachers; How to encourage youngsters to explore nature; Nature, Children, and You, by Paul E. Goff. Athens: Ohio University...

Egypt looks to US for assertive hand in peace process
Pasternak letters charm and inform; The Correspondence of Boris Pasternak and Olga Friedenberg: 1910-1954, compiled and edited by Elliott Mossman. T...
A story about a decidedly uncuddly mother bear; The Grizzly Bear with the Golden Ears, by Jean Craighead George, pictures by Tom Catania. New York:...
US scholar documents widespread Beirut cluster bombing
PAC politics

Brutal punishments mark daily life in Iran
Novel of courage, determination; The Girl on the Outside, by Mildred Pitts Walter. New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books. 149 pp. $9.50. (Ages 11-1...
Paperback mysteries for all ages
Elizabeth Dole vs. sex bias
Loose change and Alexander Claybourne McGillicuddy

Into the wild blue yonder by way of the stage; Grounded, by Todd Domke. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 186 pp. $9.95. (Ages 7- 11.)
Discovering nonfiction -- a neglected area for young readers
After fire, a forest reborn; A Forest is Reborn, by James R. Newton, illustrated by Susan Bonners. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell. 28 pp. $8.50.
Cuddling isn't advised; Porcupines, by Wyatt Blassingame. New York: Dodd, Mead. 64 pp. $7.95. (Ages 7 -10.)
New jobless figures point to growing election issue
Chicago ghetto teacher convinces children she cares -- and gets results; Marva Collins' Way, by Marva Collins and Civia Tamarkin. Los Angeles: J. P....
Fresh US wind in Central America
Poles edgy over the end of Solidarity
US wants to revise setup for medicare payments
'Nuclear pacifism' -- a crescendoing theme among churches in US
Lebanese President says he'll give detainee lists
US watchdog on alert to forestall more bank failures
Independent voices keep their civil tones

Ahoy down there! Are you the Pinta?

What it's like behind the zoo bars; Zucchini, by Barbara Dana. New York: Harper & Row. 122 pp. $10.50. (Ages 8-12 .)
Ancient voyagers to the New World; Columbus may have missed the first boat
EPA says acid rain control could run $6 billion a year
Full US and Soviet teams meeting on missile curbs
Thoreau as revealed in his journal; Thoreau in the Mountains, by Henry David Thoreau, commentary by William Howarth. New York: Farrar, Straus, and G...
Fine collection of ultra-short fiction; Short Shorts: An Anthology of the Shortest Stories, edited by Irving Howe and Ilana Wiener Howe. Boston: Dav...
African organization starts big gathering in Zaire
Why Mexican politics are unshaken by economic storm
A Jew's life under Nazis; Gideon, by Chester Aaron. New York: J. B. Lippincott. 181 pp. $10.50. (Ages 12 and up.)
Humidity-control devices can help prevent mildew
A boost out of commercial TV doldrums from three new PBS series
Soviets, Chinese sit down to discuss border dispute
De la Madrid hopes to improve US ties
How 'streamlining' saved Jaguar Cars

Two teens respond when parents need help; Circle of Fire, by William H. Hooks. New York: Atheneum. 147 pp. $9.95. (Ages 11 and up.)
Voting on Chrysler pact indicates heavy defeat
In Russia, KGB intrigue; One Small Clue, by Mara Kay. New York: Crown Publishers Inc. 121 pp. $8.95. (Ages 11 and up.)
Ballet life behind the scenes; Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal, by Toni Bentley. New York: Random House. 150 pp. $11.95.
Lebanon looks to US to broker withdrawals, fill vacuum
Good news for Reagan -- from Carter's chief of staff; Says Democrats may have hard time finding candidate for '84 with wide appeal
No Tylenol link in Chicago and Philadelphia deaths
Imagination is the hallmark at Green Tiger Press
Behind the rally: easier money
Will Kohl be the rock of W. German stability?
Trekking in the Himalayas; Stones of Silence, by George B. Schaller. New York: Bantam Books. 292 pp. $3. 95.
When a ballerina's dreams collide with toil, doubt; Just Like Jenny, by Sandy Asher. New York: Delacorte Press. 148 pp. $9.95. (Ages 10-14.)
Quarry tile for the kitchen - be sure there's support
Rural essays explore inner self; Letters From the Country, by Carol Bly. New York: Penguin Books. 184 pp. $4. 95.
Superpowers in the grainfields

Intrigue in desert, attic, and train; The Turquoise Toad Mystery, by Georgess McHargue. New York: Delacorte Press. 139 pp. $9.95. (Ages 9-12.)
A bench-warmer who became a star; Quarterback Walk-On, by Thomas J. Dygard. New York: Morrow Junior Books. 221 pp. $8.50. (Ages 12 and up.)
Musicianship, Thoreau, Pasternak and more; Arrau reflects on life as a musician; Conversations with Arrau, by Joseph Horowitz. New York: Alfred A. K...
Appealing tiger story draws on fact; Rajpur, Last of the Bengal Tigers, by Robert M. McClung, illustrated by Irene Brady. New York: William Morrow &...
Chicano poems; strong-spirited verses; Fiesta in Aztlan - Anthology of Chicano Poetry, edited by Toni Empiringham. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Capra Pres...
The school where elephants learn how to work; Elephant School, written and photographed by John Stewart. New York: Pantheon Books. 55 pp. $10.95. (A...
Einstein as scientist and -- human being; 'Subtle is the Lord . . .': The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein, by Abraham Pais. New York: Oxford...
Volvo pursuit of US police is beginning to pay dividends
Corruption charges swirl around Zaire's President Mobutu
Legends from Far East for early grades; The Legend of the Milky Way, retold and illustrated by Jeanne M. Lee. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston. 30...
Mott, pioneer in women's rights; Valiant Friend: The Life of Lucretia Mott, by Margaret Hope Bacon. New York: Walker & Co. 265 pp. $8.95.
Poet-playwright's first novel; Sassafras, Cypress and Indigo, by Ntozake Shange. New York: St. Martin's Press. 222 pp. $10.95.

What mulching does -- a tale of two paths
East European countries pledge aid to Nicaragua
Christmas cactus likes benign neglect
Stories of Old South; The Collected Stories of Caroline Gordon. Introduction by Robert Penn Warren. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux Inc. 350 pp. $...
Shippers, insurers tighten port security to thwart cargo theft
Wall Street's bulls break down the gates
Nothing to bank on but biscuits
Changing houses by swap
Fuel from water? New breakthrough brings day closer
Pavarotti's zesty autobiography; Pavarotti: My Own Story, with William Wright. New York: Warner Books. $3.95.
Glenn Gould's legacy of integrity
Jordan details White House agony over Iran hostage crisis; Crisis: The Last Year of the Carter Presidency, by Hamilton Jordan. New York: G. P. Putna...
An outlook colored by Depression, Hollywood, images of bygone America; New Reagan political biography is best yet; Reagan, by Lou Cannon. New York:...
Recently disclosed data suggests irresponsibility at NRC; New Light on debate over atomic power plants; Nuclear Power: Both Sides, edited by Michio...
Television and film strike is averted in Hollywood
A constructive approach to the housing crunch
The perfect pet for a city child; The Magic Guinea Pig, by Tricia Springstubb. New York: Morrow Junior Books. 32 pp. $9.50. (Ages 7-9.)
Irish premier seeks unity in party after touchy vote
What to do when drainage is ruined by a neighbor's action