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Monitor Archive for October 7, 1982

S. Africa tries a draft resister
California's 'Duke'
Resurgent Chrysler, with money in the bank, now faces hungry UAW
Ask a robot to show you around Japan's Expo '85
Namibia settlement looks far away; US effort to get Cubans out of Angola fails
Global Networks; Trading recipes and technologies from Maine to Nepal
Learning law by matching wits with a computer
Tales of travelers around the breakfast table
Another Solidarity leader arrested by Polish regime
Computers help officials cope wisely with emergencies
Small college football in the network limelight, even if only briefly
Molitor, Downing: unsung cogs in baseball playoffs
White House muffles Feldstein pessimism
How women ride Alabama's political merry-go-round into office
South African stonewalling
Energy that can run with the wind
Unemployment -- a dark shadow across the globe
GE reports 11% gain in quarterly profits
Paul Newman's latest taste of success
'Boll weevil' from Florida wins House renomination
Also of note in Washington
Militant Tendency -- a Marxist thorn in Michael Foot's Labour Party
Dutch peace group opens book on NATO secrets
Repair problems
Even stoic Japanese write to their own 'Dear Abby'
In Boston: busing revolt fades; city learns to adapt
Angolan warplane downed by S. African survey plane
Political tremors in Kenya harm its image as a place to invest
Moscow sits one out
When Montanans call, their governor answers
Are you ready to be saved?
Locking up career criminals
Iranians pay high price for military drives into Iraq
The many masks of modern art
Recent rebel attack killed 150 villagers, Angola says
McGovern: swing to conservatism is over
Public relations: journalism's first cousin comes of age
Bolivia tests civilian rule again
Proof of Indochina poison elusive
Lee Grant talks about her new role -- as TV director
Octogenarian helps other seniors live more fully
Graphic issue: artists say copyright laws hurt them
Getting out the 'green vote'; Environmental PACs and '82 elections
Labor's message to candidates: jobs equals votes
Asking, loving
A vote against executions from a man who knows murderers
US places export bans on 4 German companies
Making an extra room -- for the sun
'Fly thrifty,' companies are telling executives on the go
Werner Herzog's spectacular and outrageous film style
Unwarping what Napoleon left behind
Australia's Fraser faces party split over tax-evasion bill
In Baton Rouge: effort continues to roll back buses
A GOP candidate disrupts pep rally in White House
Fossil bones show ancient man decimated Hawaiian bird population
The flower of Henry VIII's navy may bloom again
Lebanese secure Beirut; Israel details its position