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Monitor Archive for October 29, 1982

Special trade status for Poland ended by US
Why business must help with high-tech education
Big rebel offensive greets US envoy in El Salvador
Corporate adopt-a-school project strengthens education
Former NSA chief Inman: 'We're far short of skills'
Nuclear freeze and other unhelpful ideas
Thinking about company business at a university
Contract offers are common after free termite inspection
2 million acres
Industry's trimmed-back wheels turning more smoothly
Giant corporation bridges pupil needs to a better future
Chicago landmark on crest of building-restoration wave
Knock down walls, says Reagan Science Advisor
The real gender gap
Great imponderable: How many will vote?
Britain tries to patch holes in its security and intelligence screen
Recording employees' academic progress for future company needs
Weinberger says US will send artillery to Lebanon
Many communities stress alternatives to trick-or-treating
Far-flung PLO tries to pull itself together
Labor beats drums for big vote
Lexinton high training site: ''Golden arches lunch club''
Just once, a tree without roots. . .
US envoy in Beirut seeks troop pullout by year-end
Eastern Europe: should the West push -- or nudge?
CIA's Casey: America's top spy talks frankly on Soviets, terrorists
Weinberger rebuff to Brezhnev plugs military buildup, jabs nuclear freeze
Mexico uses second part of short-term credit plan
Rising birthrate worries China as population tops 1 billion

Universities + Business =
Bright Day for Maine poetics
Students, too
New blades defang power lawn mowers
Britain's Labour Party takes sharp swing to the right by dumping leading left-wingers
California governor race -- still too close to call
High school finds nearby multinational corporations helpful
How Poles read 'parasite' law: forcing restive youth to toe the line

Lifting the siege of loneliness
Keeping in touch through UTCPAC
Mideast peace within sight if Reagan 'stays the course'
Merits of easier-to-heat dry air vs. better-feeling humid air
To American voters
CIA head Casey: Iran is still target of Soviets

Pre-election grain talks test US-Soviet rhetoric

Pro basketball preview: all eyes on 76ers' Malone, fortified Lakers
The gold and the dross

Islanders, and nature, rain gifts on departing Queen
Chat with a legendary performer -- now a TV host; Seeing the magic of dance through Dame Margot Fonteyn's eyes
Brown stain on shingles: patience or sandblasting
Volume rises in US, USSR's war of words over defense programs
Heavy turnout reported in Spanish elections
Money fund plan for banks draws some fire -- even among bankers
Troubled conscience in academe: Industry's help priced too high?
Canadian slump sets off job spur
Corporate philanthropy: billion-dollar boost to education
US strengthens ties with S. Africa, hopes to induce race reform by friendship

Trade: how it plays on the hustings
Industry -- university rough spots