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Monitor Archive for October 28, 1982

Negative ad campaigns spring up across the US
Treeing Ted Turner's bear
Syria and Israel bolster forces in east Lebanon
A trade barrier Reagan favors -- against illicit drugs
Wait a minute
Pollution: an invisible crop pest
Tough sell to keep doors of world trade open
Dancing to a gentle tune
America's Spies: coming in from the cold
A '30s-style depression or an '80s-style stagnation?
New message to Garcia
No-strike vote at Chrysler could strengthen union's bargaining position
Researching period films: when trivia is not so trivial
Providence, R.I.; No longer just a waymark on the road to somewhere else
What Hollywood has in store for the next two months
Beach volleyball aficionados say their heroes match any in athletic skills
Hypnotic techniques gain acceptance in business world

Wide-swathed crime; Timber theft -- by pros
A top Canadian resigns; Trudeau tenure in doubt
Still oppressed in Iran
High-level Soviet peace feeler on Afghanistan
Central America feels pressure to talk with opposition
'We don't want to spy on Americans'
Many masks of modern art
Courts mandate equal treatment for women offenders
What can those spies in the sky see?
Boston College carries banner for New England football
November Skychart
Re Wednesday morning
Chinese report counting 1,008,175,288 heads
Spanish fascists extol virtues of an ultra-rightist nation
Questions raised over US high-tech sales to South Africa
The royal prerogative: no roast bat, thank you
Burning wood is cheap, but coal has its advantages
Inflation politics
Does 'subliminal synergism' trick magazine readers?
Where Dick Tuck goes, political pranks follow
Louisiana offers tax relief to prevent layoffs
Tough sell to keep doors of world trade open
Why the Sierra Club went political
US official calls violence the top health problem
Italian prime minister wins confidence vote
Slavery chronicles make for theater of rare potency; Do Lord Remember Me; Play by James de Jongh. Directed by Regge Life.
Brezhnev response to Reagan: talking tough is a game two can play
Greece may charge rent for 4 US military bases
Authentic, prolific teller of Western tales: Louis L'Amour
No link seen in death of ex-CIA agent, arms case
Plenty; Drama by David Hare. Directed by Mr. Hare.
Partners for new coalition agree on Dutch policies
Arafat backs state link to Jordan
Funk talk
Nikolais troupe's wizardry: the ultimate video game, but more is needed
What would it take for a BIG Democratic win in Tuesday's election?
Israel, Kampuchea survive UN moves to oust them