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Monitor Archive for October 26, 1982

South African church stands firm for racial separation
Handcuffs on the flowers
Oklahoma GOP candidates get boost from White House
Britain's delightful Ballet Rambert
Pentagon outlays cause net job loss, study says

Big US computer plant for Scotland to generate jobs and technology
Passer supreme John Elway: a quarterback with sports options
Can six gulf states speak with one Arab voice?
Will Lebanon's peacekeepers be domestic or multinational?

An industrial hub with easy Southern rhythm
Heartened by Hassan
Polish prelate visits Rome for urgent talks with Pope
A port no longer waiting for the ships to come in
Before we call it 'great' . . . Is it?

Wilson's: retailing by the (big) book
1982: shaping up as a 'watershed' year for direct democracy
Behind the economy's problems: federal spending, plus a lot more
Bracken creep
Catch-22 pricing for gas a bad mix for petro-plants
Ottawa confronts Shultz over US economic policy
Socialists win but rivals gain in local Greek voting
The greatest Middle East danger
Hard times, high-tech bring labor, management together
Will Lebanon's peacekeepers be domestic or multinational?
Polish Army avoids martial law taint as ZOMOs do the dirty work
Leads fizzling in Tylenol case
Designing grand hotels with a 'sense of occasion'
Makers of small planes trying to regain sales altitude
Sharon says he approved entry into refugee camps
Girding for GATT talks
1982 election: Who really has the mandate?
Where the virtues of the smokestack era are still visible
Europe: the German goal of political union
One kidnap victim killed, 2nd still missing in Ulster
Who set off the nuclear freeze?
Soviets got pipeline but gas sales to Europe sag
Single-family homes still top choice for home buyers
The Ulster election
Computers no longer just for rich suburban schools
FCC chief: broadcasters need regulations freedom
Japanese sleep on sidewalks in search of jobs
Historic preservation movement joins hands with private sector
Free to all

Two sights to visit on a walking tour of Paris' Left Bank
Beneath the surface
A spur for faltering Israeli airline
Painting a rich melody
Palestine guerrillas to join with regulars in Jordan
US fishing industry: up from the depths
Mutual fund economist says base has been laid for sustained recovery
Tuscaloosa gas wealth: a trend matures
China's independent foreign policy