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Monitor Archive for October 15, 1982

Unflagging peace workers
Swedes 'roll out' a biodegradable mulch
Spaniard who led assault ruled eligible for office

The problem of unemployment benefits
Bank stocks regain their appeal favor with Wall Street

New services, competition spur fresh bank marketing
Nearly 1,000 are held after Beirut searches

How to learn house styles

New water heater doesn't perform as well as the old
Unthreatenable man
Why the Senate is concerned about East Timor

Law students focus on Food Day
A gung-ho Chancellor Kohl tries to rouse W. Germany
Nonaligned movement rallies itself
Kremlin cracks the whip to discipline draftees
So what was the wealthiest area in US?
David Susskind, TV's senior talk-show host, looks over today's medium
Fed official, hailing upturn, says inflation fight goes on

The Democrats will win, but
Big-debt nations on arduous but promising course
China seeks to upgrade bureaucrats' education

The view through the 'window of vulnerability'
20 Solidarity members go on hunger strike
Can Reagan hold off stampede?
Water hyacinths help root cuttings
San Francisco mayor raps action killing handgun ban
Moore, Gantner provide batting punch at bottom of Brewer order
Soviet delay in aid to Vietnam may signal strains
Out of patience with Poland; Solidarity end engineered by Soviets?
French Communist leader fans old ties in China

The university ideal
Chain of terrorist attacks linked to PLO renegade
US commitment to Lebanon increasing
Congress narrows the differences among various financial institutions
Will the Arabs act?
In Massachusetts, some shoo-ins, some too tough to call
No freeze on snow-removal funds for Northern US cities
Reagan orders an attack on drugs, mob activity
Canada's western separatists face uphill election battle
Columbus, Indiana; Stalking And Appraising An Architectural Mecca
'All work and no play . . . makes Japan strong'
Buckled asbestos tiles should be removed
Burger giants square off to serve institutional market
Battle for UMW presidency threatens coal industry peace
America's illusion of presidential power
Opportunity knocks
Strapped S&Ls may soon get the chance to deal in the money markets
Oops! That's three millionaires too many!
Poll shows public is wary of Republican economics
23 companies, $2 billion in bids for Prudhoe oil
Arafat, Hussein face diplomatic tests ahead -- despite constructive talks