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Monitor Archive for October 14, 1982

Roaring market: roaring recovery?
Two share Nobel Peace Prize
Crowding into Egypt's colleges
Trying to fit Tripoli back into tattered Lebanon picture
Can US pry foreign troops from Lebanon?
Sons fight their fathers in Iran; Rebels challenge regime with bombs, guns
Poisoned shellfish: how hazardous is it to consumers?
Polish workers' protests sputter
Sweden may write off spy sub as net loss
The sound and feel of a decade -- and some profiles in miniature; Lennon Musical play with songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Conceived and di...
Reaganomics, farm prices fuel a feisty House campaign in Iowa
New York Film Festival: capsule of world cinema today
Inflation drops below 8% in noncommunist nations
Flexibility at the Fed
Big Ten football thrives at gate, but not on field according to major polls
Western Europe reacts cautiously to latest moves in US economy
Pentagon may be target for next round of budget cuts
On Series MVPs, designated hitters, and road records
Half of all Americans are now over age 30
Boston Pact: breaking the stalemate in public schools
California fosters sales of produce direct from farm to the consumer
Talking With Theater pieces by Jane Martin. Directed by Jon Jory.
Fort Wayne tries to shift city economy from Harvester to high tech
Greek and Turkish agreement to negotiate may ease NATO concern
Beirut government puts massacre toll at 2,000
Connecticut to choose between liberal Democrat, liberal Republican
Regime tightens its security
The many masks of modern art
The pig pipeline
Aboard a nuclear sub
...but surge waits on consumer spree
As boom fades, an East African mainstay looks to US
Salvador fighting forms second front for first time
'Winning Teams'
Promoting US exports: trading companies are not the answer
EPA chief says 'gutting' charges are unfounded
Mississippi's Stennis faces hardest race of long career
Designing coins for the US Mint
New German leader talks crisis
Polystyrene home is strong, fireproof, well insulated
Jaruzelski gains a probable Pyrrhic victory
Taking a steam bath in the Vermont winter
Breaking the bondage of fear
Who's next at Japanese helm will determine economic tack in recession
Tylenol case unlikely to affect nondrug packaging
The perils of the premature memoir
Right man for Indonesia
Nigeria tries to keep lid on bubbling election ferment
Study indicates higher natural gas prices could actually help Northeast
The message of Gdansk
Slump in Canada costs ruling party three seats
The cosmos seems to be in a whirl
Sumo wrestlers glare, hiss, slap-down to victory
Greenland's dwindling whale population
Hungarians eat more than Poles
After a year of wrangling, Reagan names ambassador to Indonesia
France signals Poles they're not alone
Arafat sees Reagan plan as progress for Mideast
Citizens help courts rule in a child's best interest
Unexpected sources