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Monitor Archive for October 13, 1982

Progress in Indonesia but questions on East Timor
Business suits with a personal touch
Restoring and preserving: the poetry of Kenneth Rexroth
Squash and apples combine in a fall casserole
A non-NASA Mars landing ahead? Mission to Mars: Plans and Concepts for the First Manned Landing, by James Edward Oberg. Harrisburg, Pa.: Stackpole B...
Or else the Alliance will rupture
Mideast jigsaw: Arafat and Hussein try to puzzle out joint response to Reagan
Suspect in 1980 bombing in custody back in Italy
Louisianans returning home after rail incident
West German advisers rap new economic plan
Uganda denies uprooting of a large ethnic group
Progress in Indonesia
Wall Street pauses to ask, How high?
For a permanent UN police force
Iran's economy: tenacious but tenuous after revolution
Ousted GOP chairman Richards speaks his mind
Britain in a flap as conservationists go to bat for . . . the common bat

California's high court gets a dunking in politics
Britain's 'Iron Lady' displays her mettle
Suzuki resigns, Japan searches
Passing the true Shostakovich sound from father to son
Since 'Silent Spring,' meager gains; America the Poisoned, by Lewis Regenstein. Washington, D.C.: Acropolis Books Ltd. 375 pp. $16.95.
Fragrant, golden zwieback comes from Russian Mennonite kitchens
Labor digs in its heels at Caterpillar, Chrysler
For a taste of Grenada, try nutmeg cake and callaloo soup
Cuba turns trade tables by buying outside sugar
More than one success formula for Series managers

What does God know?
How should government help farmers conserve soil?
Eggplant, tomato in a simple gratin dish

Broadway's 'Cats' is a show to make audiences purr; Cats.Musical extravaganza with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, based on ''Old Possum's Book of Pra...
Acid in eye drops found in Colorado
Polish shipyard workers adamant
Uniting to sell abroad
Lebanon's Palestinians struggle to cope
S. African clergy uneasily approaches race decision
Pressure builds in India to calm protest by Sikhs
Japan's new nationalism
Americans' savings -- not so skimpy after all?

Democrats ask equal time if TV carries Reagan talk
'Liberal' church rejects plea to lend space to urban nonwhites
Coward diary bows to mixed review; The Noel Coward Diaries, edited by Graham Payn and Sheridan Morley. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 698 pp. $22.50.
Don't overspend on neckties, says expert
Defending champion Lakers could be even better with rookie Worthy
Portland, Maine: coming of age at 350
Can preserving the planet also help feed the poor?
US-USSR cultural exchanges -- who wins?
Turned down for a credit card? You may need to shed some plastic
Making a high school graduate someone you'd want to hire
TV's Woodruff and Savitch in print; This is Judy Woodruff at the White House, by Judy Woodruff with Kathleen Maxa. Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley. 2...
2 all-white schools fight tax case