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Monitor Archive for January 8, 1982

Follow the rules if you grow from seeds
Hall of Fame ballot: 1 & 2 are easy . . .
Grow your own food and bank the savings
Treasure hunt
Syrian moderation shows through cloud of rhetoric

Franco-German 'special' relations lose their sparkle
Five California counties federal disaster areas
US Lutheran leaders join in protest of big weapons
Transcript of Dozier 'trial' studied by investigators
Philadelphia Bulletin looking for a buyer

Americans' volunteer work priced out at $64 billion
Madison Avenue starts swinging to a rock 'n' roll beat
Interest rates, deficits: the dilemmas persist
Plant an indoor tree
Filling 'er up with gas -- it need't be gasoline
Soviets brace for long -- and costly -- Polish winter
Ulster police chief fights to keep his force impartial

M-1 tank: prone to fires in the crew's compartment?
Fortnightly furlough called alternative to US firings
A victory for all churches
Hotels' bid for guests: home comforts and towel warmers
In garden, know a frond from a flat or a hybrid
Defense and the economy
French professor's arrest part of Prague crackdown on intellectuals
Polish churches still channel aid

China's homes: simplicity, few amenities still the rule
Mubarak makes his mark in Egypt -- analysis
'We never have enforced our immigration laws'
It's hard to botch the sharpening of a hoe
Reagan reverses field to extend military draft
Israel OKs compensation for settlers leaving Sinai
Yalta and the view from Germany
Winter dreams of summer's carefully planned garden
Sanctions aimed at Soviets hurt us, say grain farmers
That bag of grass seed or lawn food tells you a lot about proper care
Outwitting the sun
Cranston to explore 1984 presidential run
Protecting noncombatants in new kinds of war
Bill Moyers tackles 'Creativity'
'Test tube' conception: ethical questions linger in US?
US gets Watergate tapes clouding current official
Interest rates, deficits: the dilemmas persist
US Steel begins buying stock in Marathon Oil
Timber exec, citing pent-up demand, is bullish on '82 housing starts
It's catalog times again!
A vegetable-rich garden begins with humus-rich soil

Cedar used to build a home -- no harm in the aroma
Japan steps up defense -- but only under US pressure
Floral reminder
Consent to health

Shirtcuff jottings
Broadway musicals -- beyond the escapism
Rubik's cube in steel