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Monitor Archive for January 6, 1982

US to appeal a decision nullifying ERA extension
Massachusetts governor files $3 million libel suit
Seychelles prefer Socialist Rene to 'Mad Mike'
1981 Fed report card: 'A-' in money-supply control
The impact of occupation - on both sides
Where foreign aid is working
The Reagan trend toward two Americas
Three books tattle on American salaries
Goals and insights of nine women artists; Uncommon Women, by Joan Kufrin. Piscataway, N.J.: New Century Publishers, Inc.,
S. Africa's harsh 'security' laws drawing more flak
California storm disrupts normal life, obliterates drought
Clark's task: smooth the way for consistent US foreign policy
Budget cuts etch new paths for US space program
When icon-busting is overdone: a British import Off Broadway; No End of Blame ''Scenes of Overcoming,'' by Howard Barker. Directed by Walton Jones.
Backwoods warmth
Wind-chill meter tells how cold it feels, not just air temperature
Carter library meets 'roadblocks'
The last censor board
Why Haig may make 'patch up' visit to Israel
Universal life insurance not yet the answer to whole-vs.-term debate
The butler didn't; Great Detectives: Seven Original Investigations, by Julian Symons. Illustrated by Tom Adams. New York: Harry N. Abrams. 144 pp. $...
'Creation science' law upset
Restriction of scholarly freedom on university campuses

But this land of winter escape is vulnerable to coups - from outside
Who delays retirement past 65 - and why?
Reagan, Schmidt seek common ground on Poland. White House talks underscore Soviet role, threat to NATO
Fictional Greeks play while empire falls; Funeral Games, by Mary Renault. New York: Pantheon Books. 335 pp. $14.50.
Sale of Hitler book is ruled harmless
Mobil back to high court to halt Marathon takeover
TSA could save taxes
Snug-fit storm windows cut fuel bills in home
The 'most important' economic development
'New' French Jews: from ghetto to Champs Elysees
Ideas with roots
Design awards honor imaginative trends in furnishings
Saudis hit discordant note trying to tune diplomacy to US, Arabs
Wave of killings prompts plea for untouchables
Gun mania
Defiant British workers strike at 2 Ford plants
What makes an orchestra great?
Criminal justice: more prisons may not be the answer
Glass wall heats 'n' cools
Australian's 'brilliant career' ends; The End of My Career, by Miles Franklin. New York: St. Martin's Press. 234 pp. $ 10.95.
Guardian Angels seek federal intervention
Hardships like Poland's are nothing new in tightly controlled Romania
Student aid - or giveaway?
Jury selection is swift in Atlanta murder trial
Ski rentals acquire a classy touch
Pint-sized Quixote
Verona area is scoured for kidnapped general
Huskies' coach - draft bait?
'82 turnaround for US autos?
Enter William Clark