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Monitor Archive for January 25, 1982

Why the West should help rescue Poland
Japan's consumers offer little help in easing nation's export imbalance
DC-10 skids into Boston Harbor
Ahead for Congress: the tough issues
Resurrection, not suicide
Haig in Geneva: slowing but not killing a summit
African nations ready response on Namibia
Pressures mount on Polish regime
Soviets fail to hit food, industry targets
Arab meeting on Israel delayed by Syria
There's more than one good preschool in town
Coming: new foreign policy series
The subject was sports -- and more
'The Next Wave': a peek into the future of performing arts?
More students, not fewer
Relocation: employers find fewer are willing to make the move
Hearing tomorrow on Irish activists held in New York

Lionel Hampton: jamming through jazz history; Vibes heard at White House, JFK Center
For steadiness at the Fed
UN team probing coup unsure about South Africa
Return with a candle
Reagan is in charge
US shipping magnate Daniel Ludwig gives up his Amazonian dream
Redwood clones headed for France

Headmaster places art education in a worldwide perspective; Creativity -- the persistent rallying cry
'No frills' airlines nip at the heels of industry giants
Simple food, humor, relaxed approach help minimize mealtime hassles
Union gives GM talks a 'final, final' chance
Coalminers give Mrs. Thatcher an anti-inflation victory
Kremlin losing patience with maverick Italians
Nuclear-free vote a setback for Schmidt
Slump trims brokers' forecasts of corporate profits
For sale: John Wayne yacht, mastodon tusks
The end of an era for Chile
Trend of the economy; Why Europe wants US deficits cut
To accomplish
France defies US to buy Soviet gas, despite Poland
The home of light
How far can Reagan roll back Roosevelt centralism?
Mexican guestworkers: solution or mirage?
'Art and Young Americans' - the test results are in
Icy cold expected to hike food bills
Labor-management strife clouds pro football horizon
Mubarak edging away from Sadat's hard anti-Sovietism?
Polish crisis foils German peace groups
Portugal works on own style of parliamentary democracy
Bright spots in Britain