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Monitor Archive for January 20, 1982

Reagan's first year; Press conference: few new directions; President Reagan at one-year mark: still popular, but growing doubts about his ability to...
Another mild earthquake in New England, Canada
After Ghana - more coups in Africa?
Religious persecution in fundamentalist Iran
Senate likely to pass school tax exemption bill
Iran, Iraq struggle for territorial (and propaganda) gains
Having a lot of credit cards can cost you a lot of money
Unlocking the mysteries of life on planet Earth; Life Itself: Its Origin and Nature, by Francis Crick. New York: Simon & Schuster. 192 pp. $12.95. L...
Is Camp David the end of the line for Egypt, Israel?
Gossip vs. the gospel
Reagan's first year; Foreign policy: facing up to realities; President Reagan at one-year mark: Still popular, but growing doubts about his ability...
Water shortages inspire novel community-conservation measures
Wisconsin area tops in US unemployment
Profits? Free market? Can this be Communist Bulgaria?
Italy's police find terrorism deeply entrenched in society
Israel's water needs may erode path to peace in region
US voting rights bill faces unexpected trouble in Senate
Parley of banks vs. thrifts leaves financial bill in limbo
Allies weigh East-bloc trade curb
Nonfiction briefly; The Stones of Venice, by John Ruskin.Edited by and with and introduction by Jan Morris. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 239 pp. $29....
Instead of court-ordered busing
Conservative fund-raiser gives Reagan a C-plus
Finland elects a President who'll keep the Russian bear from the door
Missiles reported fired at Israeli Air Force planes
Moscow retreats on shipping talks because of Poland
Butterfly population declines due to use of insecticides
Red Smith knew his subject - and his writing
Labor raps voluntary plan for meeting safety laws
Reagan's first year; Politics: public support still strong; President Reagan at one-year mark: still popular, but growing doubts about his ability t...
Tolstoy and company explained by Nabakov; Lectures on Russian Literature, by Vladimir Nabokov. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. 324 pp. $19.95.
Bolivia: making an omelet without any of the eggs
Tarnish on gold bonanza; Blacks main losers as South African boom fades
Rockets fired at site of A-plant in France
Bengals' Anderson, the passing machine
'Still it is good to strive': The poetry of Louise Bogan
Social Democrat tries for Parliament - and party leadership
Seychelles coup attempt: as intriguing as a spy thriller
Saving social security - and bettering retirement
Much-touted Great Plains drought cycle falls apart
Paul Tsongas: flirting with 'Republicanism'?
India-wide strike falls short
Restoration comes home for renowned preservationist
GM chief applies pressure for pay break from union
Sandinistas, like Somoza before them, take aim at Manuaga's only independent daily
The Reagan presidency
Buying the right light bulb will cost you less in long run
Nonfiction briefly; Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life, by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. New York: Abbeyville Press. 576 pp. $49.95.
Uganda says it will grant amnesty to 150 prisoners
Reagan's first year; Economy: a mix of gains, setbacks; President Reagan at one-year mark: still popular, but growing doubts about his ability to de...
European, US detectives join on attache's case
How to keep that precious heat inside your home
Great voices are treasures - and should be guarded
Farmers demand changes in farm bill