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Monitor Archive for January 19, 1982

W. German banks quesy over Soviet pipeline loan
News for the Traveler
Poland: will Jaruzelski turn forecasts into deeds?
Cross-country skiers, snowmobilers find range is big enough for both
First woman prison chaplain sees progress behind bars
The Chiding
Fishing for answers
A discreet greatness
Kemp raps Stockman plan to increase excise taxes
Mitterrand's grace period is over
Widening trade channels
Mexicans know who their new leader will be, but can he lead?
Strike at Japanese tanker justified, Philippines says
Letup seen in arctic air, then it's the shivers again
St. Lucia may lurch left?
West Germany fights increase in neo-Nazi violence, offering new laws
Outlook for US economy - shades of gray
Utilization of US factories declines to 51/2-year low
Nothing better to do
Lawyers' ads may not pay off
Levi's (and others) apply the stitch-in-time theorem
Trucking industry pact meshes with Reagan 'hands-off' policy
Tips for Tip and other Democrats
Indira endears herself to India - despite chaos
Hum in electronic mail seen
Incidents spark debate over police brutality
Two impressive painters at opposite ends of the art
Thinking about the Polish people
Venezuela angrily denies terror plot in Nicaragua
Mitterrand locked into his reforms
Mr. Reagan and the press
Brazil's democracy halts - may reverse
The Pyramids
Italian 'Brigades' plotted a massacre, police say
Yamit settlers frosty as spring withdrawal nears
Even with help from IBM, China's head count will take years
Yacht dealers seek pickup in sales with loan twists
Snowland waxing warm as a Super Bowl host
Oil industry: catalyst for Texas-Mexico friendship?
Alleged neo-Nazis on trial in Stuttgart murder case
UNESCO hunts way to lift third world communication
Women's pro basketball: down at halftime, but attempting a comeback
84 million American volunteers
A peace academy: costly and needless
The many masks of modern art
Ethiopia says Eritreans crushed
Disneyland next Christmas? Make reservations now
Restaurant serves up food - and TV conference calls
GOP and Dixie coalition set record pace on Hill
Pollsters find no evidence of 'neo-isolationism' in US
A new kind of PORSHE joins the race for energy
Sensitive one-act plays at the Circle Rep; Confluence Three one-act plays: Thymus Vulgaris, by Lanford Wilson, directed by June Stein; Confluence, b...