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Monitor Archive for January 18, 1982

Illegal aliens: rising US jobless rate revives issue. Key question: do Mexican laborers really deprive Americans of work?
US has right to 'park' missiles: Schmidt
Zionism's 'grand old man' blasts weapons buildup
Safer boxing glove could be a knockout in New York
High interest rates burden Australians
Deficit called strain on Reagan plan
Finland voters start choosing new president
Black students form majorities in five urban school districts
Israel clears one hurdle to Sinai pullout, delays on next
Dismantled and unglued
Catching up with Isaac Newton
Amerasian children: Congress may open more doors for them
Chill grips market and fewer new issues are ventured
Radio stations, theaters struck by guerrillas
Extracting foot from mouth
The Way It is Now
Tree Factory
The Navy's ELF: unnecessary Tinker Toy
West Bank questions
Revival of French nuclear deal?
When Meredith Monk sings, the whole world understands. Her radical style taps many cultures
Recycling at curbside gains favor
Starting a cottage industry
US-Lisbon ties improve as airbase talks near
Housing bias law defeated by Texas voters
Miami Cubans protest deporting of stowaway
Hot new issue in California: is it time for 'nuclear freeze'?
A different view of Libya's Qaddafi
Nicaragua closes newspaper
NATO 'blundered' into its new unity on Poland
Behind Poland's hint that Walesa release is near
Home-based businesses yield products for children
What the Democrats did and didn't do
Israel escapes Golan Heights penalty in UN
Soviets wage vigorous propaganda war in India
Growing US joblessness prompts alarms, solutions
Moscow's booklet on US arms joins superpower propaganda battle
Williams rejoins Sonics, and team meshes again. Money, he explains, was only a part of the problem
'New coal' is building steam as American energy export
Egypt views Haig visits as ineffective
'Clippering things my comfort make'
An inside look at an alternative high school in Utah
Military forces uneasy; Resistance in Spain to the democratic era
From Ben Franklin to IRAs
As I Sit Here Being Bored
Protect the oceans
French Socialists face set back, popularity test
Giftedness and elitism are under fire once again
Sri Lankan calm ends state of emergency there