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Monitor Archive for January 14, 1982

Temperatures head down, but so do heating oil prices
Judge orders United Airlines to reinstate 1,400 flight attendants
The Eye
US churches press for world peace, nuclear arms control
Haig treads warily on Mideast trip
Future of economic program: it's up to Reagan now
Taxing segregated schools: now it's up to Congress
NATO's future
Kasha and mushroom stuffing for squashes
Innovations in convertible bedding
Detroit carmakers' new opportunity to turn the corner
Broadway shows on tap for new cable TV channel
Australian, not Prince, to take Canberra post
French-German summit tunes Europe's motor, but it's still knocking
When clay came into its own as art
She's out to sell private enterprise in the third world
Polish Communist Party - down but not out
Gandhi lets go a corrupt official
After 5,000 years, the 1982 bullock cart
The place of the 'civilized' movie on today's screen
Those tax breaks for segregated schools stir storm
More than meets the ear
Haig dispels Egypt's fears on autonomy
Madison, Ind.; The town that slept for a century - and the man who woke it up
Efforts renewed to establish US holiday honoring Martin Luther King
Japan debates robot promise of a 'brave new world'
Son of high Polish official wants to live in Australia
TOUCHING OTHER BASES; From Birdsong to Jones
Conoco sees ease-off in US petroleum demand
Fresh flowers (at bedside)
Dina Rasor: blowing the whistle on the Pentagon
1982: beginnings of turnaround in US labor relations
When crepes replace hot gruel; Developers sought for Ellis Island
Respond with love
What is Palestinian autonomy? Haig tries to bridge gulf between Egypt, Israel
Designer throws a curve into furniture market
Aaron and Robinson clinch fame
FOOTBALL; CBS's innovative 'chalkboard'
To finance housing in the '80s: invest less
The China conundrum
Top brass get lie tests in Pentagon news leak
Illinois program uses peers to help cut drug abuse among teenagers
Inside 20th-century music
Illinois veteran of House to retire in redistricting
Rags to riches business: 'almost new' clothing gains respectability
Cowboys rap strategy . . . 'Big picture' for TV viewers
Comedy shortage -- no laughing matter
Britain's kaleidoscope of blue-collar wages keeps turning
AT&T settlement delay is unlikely to alter terms
'Sharkey's Machine'
The splendour of British dining on TV
Festival recipes for sweet dates
Guardian Angels assured of inquiry on shooting
Sino-US understanding on Taiwan arms after all?
AT&T ruling may rock the contract 'boat' for communication unions
British gourmet shops do great business
Vermonter Koch 'up' for key ski test
Desert search under way for British premier's son