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Monitor Archive for January 13, 1982

Eating-and-egos study 'fleeced'
In South Africa, police can 'jail' you without reason
Vivid account shows history in the making in second Arab-Israeli war; Warriors at Suez, by Donald Neff. New York: The Linden Press. 479 pp. $17.95.
Being like Gene
Getting off that financial merry-go-round
Mr. Reagan's jobs program - more needed
Trucking fee plans: other states may learn from New England fight
The space shuttle and the Ming dynasty
Why not a carrot, too?
Why US, allies got tougher over Poland; US defense umbrella seen as shield from Soviet expansion
Landmark case upholds freedom of the press; Minnesota Rag, by Fred W. Friendly. New York: Random House. 379 pp. $12.95
Americans wait out record cold snap and try to cope
Protestant Maze inmates demand non-Catholic area
China on Taiwan arms sales: halfway isn't far enough
Import copies raise cries on US back roads
Minerals; Breaking the import habit; What the US should do
2 Red Brigades suspects arrested as hunt goes on
Nature's aerial dynamics
California '82: 'bellwether' state faces challenging year
Figuring interest on certificates
Cuban recruits at California post
Visitor on fire escape
Surtax proposed for arms buildup
Rights activists protest jailing of ballot workers
Court frees Solidarity trio accused of strike attempt
A warm welcome home
On being adoptable
Ending the one audit people actually want
Patti Reagan Davis joins group opposing A-testing
Showboat basketball
Artistic genius - do we know it when we see it?
US, Canada vote to cut funds of UN 'missing persons' rights group
Buying a used car can be a sweet deal if you look out for lemons
Haig tries to turn spotlight from flap over sanctions back to Poland itself
How a calculator aids in desert searches
US official: auto sales may gain, jobs may not
Grappling with modern-day buccaneers; Lebanon tries to sink 'paintbrush pirates'
Egypt hopes firm stand on autonomy will draw it closer to Arab camp
US pickup trucks pick up speed in a race with imports
Radio couple garners devoted following over 44 years
Bo says no to playoff
Experts split over economy's impact on House, Senate races.
Put field goals in their place!
Israel calculates the price of peace: money and water
Commercial barter exchange pools services for profit
Soviets angling to undercut West's newfound unity
'Superbug' - a bacteria that chews up herbicides
To make taxes fair
Court OKs federal gift to religious school
Gulf Oil accord: short of union wage goal
The new Ma Bell: a flabby or scrappy competitor?
Sounding a bit like Harry Truman
Mind the length of your poles
Reagan may set up panel to attack drunken driving
US budget battle clouds outlook for fusion energy