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Monitor Archive for January 12, 1982

The social 'safety net'; What it's made of - and how it's likely to fare in the '83 budget
Theft rise aids one business - nonbank deposit vaults
Polish sailors caught in strong political crosscurrents
Ibsen's seldom-done last play revived; When We Dead Awaken; Drama by Henrik Ibsen, translated by Rolf Fjelde. Directed by Stephen Zuckerman.
The need for new taxes
California aquariums give the illusion that you're at the bottom of the sea
'Urban enterprise zones' to move off back burner
2 Red Brigades suspects called conduit on kidnap
Country dancing takes the floor once again
Reagan: 'no' on advanced jets to Taiwan
Pentagon says it's unsure how AT&T shift affects it
1st-timers snatch Super Bowl slots
Polish miners at work - but not working
French, German leaders to meet on Polish issue
A love affair with 'Life on Earth'
Touring on skis in Bretton Woods

French arms for Nicaragua
Furniture revival of a golden oldie, golden oak, proves hit in salesroom
The Poles and Alexander Pushkin
How one US expert would tackle growing international terorism
Big Steel begins charging EC makers with dumping
Bird, tree, and star
Clothing hang tags don't always tell the whole story
Criminal element clipping those grocery coupons, too
God's gentling presence
Lebanon's Shiite Muslims flex their military muscles
Dominican Republic alert for Haitian exile moves
UN watch on environment gets lonelier
Missile-curb talks resume in Geneva
De Lorean auto company cuts hours, seeks credit
Two old foes lead three-way battle for Massachusetts governor's chair,
Puerto Rican extremists main threat in US
British Labour Party - will truce prevail?
Court to rule on porno, booze
Translating a vision
Venice as light
School desegregation in Boston - era of struggle drawing to a close
Quebeckers never know a dull political moment with Levesque
The Chinese connection
Snowballing winter storms take Europe by surprise
Terrorists wound brother of Iranian President
Saudis clarify position on Israeli recognition
Minerals; Breaking the import habit; Knowledge: the essential raw material
A walk in Bloomsbury
Public, private sectors unite to find housing for New York's homeless
NATO gets tough on Poland, agrees to use sanctions if situation doesn't ease
Unsolved kidnapping steps up pressure on Philippines' Marcos