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Monitor Archive for September 4, 1981

'I think that I shall never see' -- enough waste-wood powered factories
Desert gardens of the US Southwest get ready for winter format
Mile-race rivalry wells up
Soviets maneuver as Solidarity meets
China gives arms to PLO, Beirut newspaper says
Geraniums can last out the winter with a little thoughtful recycling
'Wonderful possibilities'
Reagan muscle-flexing: policy or posture?
Soviet pressures spur debate on Japan's defenses
Aesthetic dictate way to patch concrete slab

Clashes hamper daily affairs in Iran
Upholding voting rights in Richmond
Ah yes, the old Boston Parking Ticket Party
Greater car safety in reach, but cost a hurdle
Reagan shakes hands with labor in political stop
Yemen, once known as Arabia Felix, finds oil wealth has passed it by
Soviets steal more than a glance at US books on display in Moscow

Decline in pupils, funds idling 44,000 US teachers
Building new lives and ways of living
S. Africa savors news of Russian involvement in Angola
New technology, economics convert old dams into hydropower plants
NEW CLASSICISM: Where is architecture leading?

Warning: this drink is dangerous
How John got his gun
3 killed as S. Africa rebels attack rural police station
No ceiling put on ad fees amateur athletes can get
Silencing those attic creaks, cracks, and pops
For Reagan, a happy honeymoon bumps headlong into 'real world'
Previewing a strong new season -- on Broadway and off
Pipeline payments to have Alberta farmers beaming
Izvestia says Soviet man charged as a spy for US

Duke academians up in arms over Nixon library plans
New public-employee strategy?
Realism and surrealism in Poland
Soviets keep arms supplies at arms' length in Gulf war
Iowa troopers hunt arms and causes in prison riot
Western visitors confirm poor Soviet wheat outlook
IRA, Thatcher pause and regroup

A door to freedom
Bonn government agrees to a common budget
Melon tester decides if there's a great new kind
Don't leave slate on the roof when replacing with shingles
IRS drags All-Saver 'incentives' from under tax shelter
Plans for a solar house
US agency scraps deal for big Chrysler repairs
Do Not Disturb
Panel poring over gold with new monetary use in mind
Asparagus: spare me
Looking out, looking in