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Monitor Archive for September 29, 1981

Return to a Turkish village
A slightly contrary traveler heads for Hawaii; The slightly contrary traveler heads for the 'Big Island' of Hawaii
MX choices for Reagan full of flaws, risks, experts say
How near is inspiration?
New Twyla Tharp work bites off more than it can dance
President's steamroller slips into neutral
End of an era: two economists view the Great Society
Motorola targets the Japanese electronics market
Tigers growl again; football talent helping
US likely to pull plug on Maine's Dickey dam
Former Army man pleads guilty on one spy charge
Autumn in the White Mountains
A maveric view of AWACS -- it's less than a marvel
Who keeps tabs on the spies?
China invokes great writer's name in crackdown on arts
Canada's high court says constitution plans legal
S. Africa: plenty of jobs for skilled whites but not for unskilled blacks
Where propagandists have a 'day' of their own
12 killed by car bomb in southern Lebanon
Complex spy swap: East German superspy for West German agents
Poland's KOR dissidents leave the job to Solidarity
Why stock markets dip: lure of high interest
Talks revive on building English Channel tunnel
Soviets try to regain Mideast role
Canada-US relations slide 'dangerously toward crisis'
Tehran turmoil upstages election
Irish leader takes risk for reconciliation
Executive pay tends higher on East, West Coasts
Birthrates of its Asians have Russia concerned
200 protesters arrested at California nuclear site
One state policing sale of gas for 2 faulty cars
S. Africa's black nationalists step up guerrilla warfare
Mr. Reagan's dilemma
Japan's 'no' on aid stirs South Korean resentment
Sensitive miniseries from Australia
1982 pickup in US oil use seen
Stock market yo-yo -- despite economic problems, bargain hunters start shopping
Georgians question necessity of ERA to right inequities
Solidarity in the boardroom
Surge in third world aid ruled out by world fund
From darkness to light; Poet/scientist, William Anderson

Bold bid for Irish harmony
How two working mothers feel the squeeze of a tighter welfare budget
Assessing the impact of state ERAs
Those G&S 'Pirates' still raiding Manhattan theaters; The Pirates of Penzance, Comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. Directed by Wilford Leach. Music...