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Monitor Archive for September 28, 1981

Reagan's call for more cuts doesn't impress investors
One-man cast brings Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' alive in London
World A-panel condemns Israel for its raid on Iraq
Polish workers are victorious -- and skeptical
Machine tool orders improve
Fit homework to the child
Back country intuition
Chekhov on the Lawn; Play by Elihu Winer. Directed by Mr. Winer. Starring William Shust.
US financial drama grabs global spotlight
Teaching 'recipes' to use on a trip to the supermarket
Should the US sell AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia?; YES
Roses along the fence
New AU -- savers certificates may be a worthwhile deal only for some
Berlin: a city divided by more than a wall
Home teaching strengthens children's work in schools
Addressing Agent Orange
Should the US sell AWACS planes to Saudi Arabia?; NO
Litter in the ivory tower
Patience not panic
Waiting for the Chocolate Chip
A summer for salvaging
Senatorial grab
The Mountain Hike
BEauty, on the hoof
A Welsh-Irish love story-and some visits by 'Chekhov'; Sea Marks Play by Gardner McKay. Directed by John Stix.
Trend of the economy
Have you read 'Cinderellephant?'
Bread dough ornaments, Ecuador-style
Rental units do a disappearing act
Brokers and accountants busy explaining new tax laws
Local leaders say Reagan breaks promise with new cuts
Dorsett: he could well become the Cowboys' thundering herd
Rug hooking: rags to art
2 IRA inmates in 2 days end their hunger strikes
Lifelines to the outside world
Marea Gazzard's monolithic 'forms'
Beautiful crafts can be made from natural objects
US says Agent Orange hit more Gls than reported
S. Africans divided over Namibia strategy
Labor mediator called in at London Sunday Times
Ethiopian Jews charge Israel is ignoring them
British Labour Party puts its future on the line
Green thumbs, greenbacks, and magazine prestige
Thriving Swedish automakers keep an eye on rising competition
The price of everything just keeps going up, right? Wrong!
Mother Goose leads to the classics
'That nice man in the White House'
Clashes in Tehran echo worst of 1979 violence
The Bike Racer
We need no barbed wire
Poland: a party bid for unity
Chinese troop exercises seen staged for Taiwan
Inner sanctum for Mrs. O'Connor
When public events are secret
New trial to be weighed in Peoples Temple case
US sending official to aid Salvadorans on elections
'Some books are to be chewed and digested'