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Monitor Archive for September 25, 1981

What defeat on AWACS would mean to White House
Address for humidifier
Egypt, Israel schedule more autonomy talks

Reagan's economic promises tangled in web of high interest rates
Spain's Navy offers NATO professional force with strategic benefits
Help with a 'second roof' to curb ice on the eaves
Poland's army will help police curb 'excesses'
Solar: occupant's view
Progression of harvests rewards gardeners aware of plant cycles
Economics minister asked to size up Belgian crisis
European nations pick up superpower slack in Mideast
Builders call for interest ease-up
Boston primary vote seen as setback for Mayor White
US drawing new 'line' in El Salvador?
Lining up Picassos by the water cooler
Perfect Love
Tale of two cities: companies boost arts in Seattle and the arts boost the economy in Winston-Salem
Armenian guerrillas seize Turkish center in Paris
Officer hot lines at go-get-em banks
Union leadership ponders ways to build on 'solidarity day' success
A Canadian order and oil companies keep British Shipbuilders humming
Du Pont and the merger wave
East Germans, regime agree: Poles have only themselves to blame

Now thoughts
Tale of two cities: companies boost arts in Seattle
The sneak attack on freedom of information
Reagan's plan for AWACS vote
What museums and operas add to community purse
Gas decontrol: don't forget half of America
An "Irish 'Roots'" that's to epic for its own good
Golf's lingering suspense: who's to be Player of the Year?
Mayor Koch: New York City personified
CORPORATIONS AND THE ARTS; Big business as the new Medicis?
Arts endowment: national pearl or artistic boondoggle?

When missionaries turn 'activist': case of Maryknollers in Philippines
US argues for missiles in Europe
Swedish film industry banks on a Bergman 'biggie'
Egypt's electronic mosque
PBS: where corporations invest in a blue-chip image
Oregon in the doldrums; delay in pickup seen
New try on arms control
Superpower peace contest: Washington moves up fast
Peking curtails foreign contacts
Nitze: a tough arms negotiator
Exploring the Universe
Elbow grease recaptures the color of redwood
Arms verification: how much is enough?
Right shredder is a boon for making good mulch
Silver in them thar jeans
US will begin radio broadcasts to Cuba

Britain's great political shift: all parties feel the earth move

Village in eye of the storm
Connecticut off to fast start on lending for home buyers
Observing an earthy way of life
How a hotel tax pays the flutist, and other money ideas
The workers' stake in quality: a US idea home to roost