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Monitor Archive for September 22, 1981

Waste company cleans up by aggressively cleaning up
The many masks of modern art
Publicity in art -- or, artists who are are famous for being famous
No. 2 role for Communist Poles?
A world without clocks
Safeguarding Belize
'Tip' the younger joins fray for Massachusetts governor
The refugees of Orange County
Ex-intelligence chief to be sued over book
Florida plugs more houses into the sun
Ruling on Israeli dig site expected to shake regime
Boston Teachers Union votes against a strike
Vikings' offense-minded Grant has some ideas about defense, too
Big-power interests vie over insecure African borders
East bloc dilemma: reform economy or play it safe?
Panel suggests $5,550 go to Americans Iran held
Public sticks with President -- but for how much longer?
People playing big with their pennies?
Reagan: treading on eggs
Pork barrel farming
In Japan a marriage of romance isn't everything
Why Sadat cracked down on Copts
Turkey's new compulsory religious education provokes heated debate
Peking raps US reporter over story on dissident
Prime rate cut to 19 1/2% by several big US banks
South Africa, US discuss independece for Namibia
Another IRA convict joins hunger strike
Historic New York bridges in need of major repair
Sadat attacks 'indiscipline' with reforms of everything
Reagan sees volunteerism as social-program channel
Haig lines up US with third world goals
'64 hero still running -- to help his people
Why Reagan plays down presidential press conferences
Color me me
Indonesia bars would-be refugees from leaving E. Timor
Monitor's expanded business coverage
N.Y. City Opera tackles the work that put Verdi on the map
Poems to summon the heart
Independence comes to poor, ramshackel Belize
Bombers' efforts prove harmless in Lebanon
Mrs. Thatcher's choice ups Ulster's economic hopes
Boston banker's 'feeling' -- interest to ease more
The AWACS affair is different now
Kenya, Somalia: an African hot spot coming off the boil
Afghan rebel rockets hit Soviet Embassy again
Germany moves to rescue European unity
Desegregation: pulls and pushes