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Monitor Archive for September 16, 1981

Some basic definitions to correct misconceptions about trusts
Preventing toxin warfare
Ex-official, others seized for picketing in India
Senate committee recommends O'Connor
Former Nixon economist: Reagan must 'stand by' federal Reserve
Egypt expels Soviet ambassador
Treasures in a little pocket
British Labour leaders to call on brezhnev
Coed dorms still in, but with more privacy, quiet
No end in sight
Good news for non-rock radio fans -- that 'listenable' pop music is back
Study evaluates methods of US school desegregation
Iran radio says Iraqis shell city of Ahvaz
US political experts, public: America's best yet to come
Financial doubts mushroom over nuclear industry
The Kennedy Center takes a bow
What price appreciation?
Have Americans become addicted to federal funding?
Soviet 'crackdown' on vodka: will it help drinking problem?
Dispute over Mt. St. Helens lands swirls
Only sliver of budget left between guns, pensions
Springboks: US tour a political play?
Crime fears: what you can do
Solidarity and the television issue
When new ideas pop up, apply the test of authentocity
'New' Chicago Cubs on the rise
Why US, Europe are marching out of step
Large-print: an option known to too few readers
Extend radius of left arm for more power
Saudi oil men grapple with; RUST
Britain's battle for the political center ground heats up
'Ban' of S. African leader hinted
Big banks join shift to a lower prime rate
Hurricane Harvey roars out to sea
Pursuing the perfect chocolate chip; Ice cream dessert corners the streets of New York
The immigration crisis: an inside view
Hello, my name is 420724-7091 and Sweden's central data banks know everything about me
Drug smugglers leave a trail of hard-to-carry cash
Belize independence set despite Guatemala threat
Conservatives gain power in Norwegian elections
Columbia takes on fuel in test for liftoff Oct. 9
Fresh look at some trend-setting journalism that was built to last; Reporting, by Lillian Ross. (Reissue with new Introduction by the author). New Y...
God's guidance and continuing good
South Africa's Archipelago; Strangers in their own land
Arab hard-liners eye US-Israeli agreement
Goldwater takes issue with New Right politics

Cakes and the moon
Icebergs form when glaciers sway in time to the rhythms of the sea
TSA choices limited